Traditionally Elegant Newport Wedding
February 4, 2015
New England
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Their morning coffee was made monumental when this Groom got down on one knee, and with family and friends in attendance the wedding that followed was marvelous. Details With Love was behind the wildly elegant day filling tables with Stoneblossom Floral & Event Design blooms, while Steve DePino snapped up every sweet moment right here!
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From Steve DePino... Kurt and Alex met on February 27, 2010 at Elizabeth in SoHo (now called The Musket Room). Kurt was attending his roommate's going away party and Alex was there for a former co-worker's half-marathon fundraiser. In the whirlwind of people that night, they somehow started talking and realized that not only did they work in the same industry, but also knew several people in common. The time flew by and suddenly it was time to leave their respective parties. While Kurt tried to convince Alex to leave her friends and join his party for the rest of the evening, she declined and he settled for her phone number instead. The following Monday, Alex received a text from Kurt asking her to meet up for a drink later that Wednesday. Alex wanted to accept the invitation, but was embarrassed that she couldn't even recall his name, only pieces of their conversation. Alex decided that if she could figure out a way to properly internet stalk Kurt on Facebook, then she would accept the date. After scanning through nearly 600 Facebook friends of one of the friends they had discovered they had in common Alex spotted Kurt's smile and decided that, now that she knew his name, she would go out with him. Alex arrived 15 minutes late (per usual) for their date that Wednesday at Cibar in Gramercy Park and Kurt already had a drink waiting for her (smart man!). The chemistry was immediate as the conversation, jokes and banter flowed very naturally. The night ended with Kurt and Alex's first kiss and the start to one of their very first inside jokes.

Alex and Kurt knew that they would get married very early in their relationship, but wanted to wait until the moment was right to get engaged. Alex had always told Kurt that she wanted to be surprised when he popped the question, although at the same time she was getting a little anxious about when he would finally ask. With her radar on, Alex was pretty sure there was no way she would be surprised but alas Kurt found the one time, when all her guard was down, to ask her to be his wife. It was a typical Sunday morning; Kurt ran out to get their morning coffee at Le Pain Quotidian while Alex watched Fareed Zakaria GPS. When Kurt came back with the coffee he cracked a few jokes and before she knew it Kurt had put a ring on her finger. (Alex likes to remind Kurt that he didn't actually ask, and her father says the same thing about when Kurt asked him for Alex's hand!). Together they called all of their friends and family and went to ABC Cocina to celebrate.

Some of our favorite moments of the wedding were when Kurt's dad threw Alex’s dad a box of tissues mid-speech because it showed how well our families get along and how we all share the same fun-loving sense of humor.

Alex smiling and giggling the whole way down the aisle because she was so excited to marry Kurt and because she was so happy to have all the most important people in our lives there to celebrate this wonderful occasion with them. It was really nice that almost everyone in attendance really knew both of us as individuals and as a couple.

Looking around and seeing all of their wonderful family and friends out on the dance floor having a ball including the Bride's 92 year-old great Aunt (Alex's paternal grandmother's sister)! Alex’s paternal grandparents are no longer with us, but she is certain that the wedding was a party they would have loved and that they were toasting us with martinis from heaven. Looking around at how beautiful Champ Soleil looked. It is such a special place and we are eternally grateful to Alex's uncles Kenny & Josh for offering their home to us for the occasion.

Welcoming Alex’s dad into the “sleeveless tuxedo club” despite the objections of some in attendance.

The sun that poked through the ominous storm clouds as we said our vows.


Photography: Steve DePino | Event Planner + Designer: Details With Love | Photography - Assistance: Lauren Ann Isleib | Photography - Assistance: Paul McNerney | Floral Design: Stoneblossom Floral & Event Design | Wedding Dress: Reem Acra | Cake: Confectionery Designs | Reception Venue: Champ Soleil | Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bracelet: Mikimoto | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Amsale | Catering: Blackstone Catering | Tux: Sean Vokshoor, Zohreh Inc | Earrings: Crislu