Tell Your Wedding Story with Squarespace
February 4, 2015
We've hit the five month mark until our Big Day (eek, it's getting real!) and that means Shawn and I are getting ready to officially send out our invitations and share all of our wedding information with our guests. The best part? We're armed and ready to go with a fancy and entirely functional Squarespace website—hands down, one of the best decisions we've made in our wedding planning process.


Our must haves? A photo gallery, easy to use RSVP page and complete customization. The Alex design was a perfect fit for our vision and Squarespace delivered far beyond our needs in every department.


1. We were able to put our gorgeous engagement photos captured by Rebecca Yale to good use with the clean, crisp gallery page. Moments that I will treasure forever and can't wait to share with our nearest and dearest!


2. The RSVP page? You guys, trust me when I say you need this in your wedding-planning life. Each time one of our guests respond, their info is automatically added onto a lovely little spreadsheet, so I can keep myself busy with the fun stuff like choosing my favorite blooms! rather than data entry.

3. Customization is what Squarespace is all about. From our unique (and free!) domain name,, to our easy-to-link registry page, we're super happy with our little corner of online love.


And there are design options for everyone with complete tailoring within each. Have a looksie at Jill & Ryan's adorable post-wedding website to see what I mean. From a simple 'thank you' page to sharing their wedding imagery from Nostalgic Photography, they're keeping the wedding love going long after their Big Day.



With two free weeks to try it out, there's no cost commitment upfront. And if you're feeling a bit weary because you're one of the not-so-tech-savvy peeps, I highly recommend hitting up their super helpful videos and guides—incredibly informative and will walk you through everything you need to know about creating your very own Squarespace wedding website.

Love what you see? Start telling your wedding story with Squarespace! And when you're ready to dive in, use the code SMP15 to SAVE 10% OFF your annual subscription.