Cozy and Intimate Seattle Wedding

Categorize this duo under soulmates, because their love story reads like a romance novel. After meeting at midnight on NYE, this darling duo began their whirlwind romance and in three short months (you read that right!) planned their Big Day – complete with downloaded Etsy menus, online dress shopping, and paper airplanes – Angela & Evan were behind the lens capturing every sweet moment right here.


From the beautiful Bride…Danny and I met in Thailand on New Years Eve last year. We hadn’t known each other long before deciding to get married, but almost instantly upon meeting him I knew I wanted to spend my life with him.

Wedding planning started off as things usually do: Ideas began small, and continued to get more elaborate as time went on. We thought about doing a courthouse wedding, then decided on a small gathering with immediate family, then agreed to do a larger party to celebrate. When we found out a good amount of Danny’s family and friends would be coming from all over the world, we knew we wanted to have a real wedding, but we also knew we wanted it to remain small and intimate. Danny’s best man flew in from India, and his groomsmen came from New Zealand (just a quick 19-hour flight). His sister and dad traveled from London, and his mom (mum!) and stepdad traveled from Croatia. We had around 20 out-of-town guests make it from six different countries.

Because Danny was immigrating from England, we didn’t have long to plan. We had about three months in total, two of which he was still living in the UK, so needless to say we had to cut some corners and make quick decisions. But that’s what downloadable menus on Etsy is for, and online bridal dress shopping, and friends that are willing to frantically finish folding paper airplanes three hours before the ceremony. We focused on the important stuff (like the perfect cake!), and knew whatever was done was done, and whatever we didn’t get to, it didn’t matter.

We chose The Court in the Square as our ceremony and reception venue for the cozy factor, and the fact that it feels like an outdoor venue when it’s really in the middle of February. It’s already such a beautiful space that it didn’t require much decorating.

We couldn’t resist adding in some sort of travel elements. Instead of table numbers, we did table cities that represented the places Danny and I have been together. We had our (very talented) friend sketch landmarks of each city for the tables, and had a big poster board seating chart with names next to each landmark. We folded paper airplanes for place cards and adorned them with washi tape. We wanted everyone to sit together in a sense, so we did one long table that wrapped around the venue. That table, and being able to look out on everyone who had come to celebrate with us, was one of our most favorite and cherished things. Our guest book was a vintage globe we had everyone sign that now doubles as one of our favorite decor items in our house.

This last year has been hard – long distance is hard, but that’s what made our wedding day so incredibly special. Danny was finally in America, and we were able to start our life together. The day was full of love, you could absolutely feel it.

Photography: Angela and Evan Photography | Event Design: Aria Style | Wedding Dress: Shopbop | Cake: Kerissa Bakes | Invitations: Minted | Ceremony Venue: Mount Tabor Park | Reception Venue: Mount Tabor Park | Entertainment: Michael Benson Band | Bridesmaids' Dress: Aritzia | Bridesmaids' Dress: ASOS | Cake Topper: BHLDN | Programs: Lorelle Paperie & Co. | Rentals: AA Party Rentals