Chicago Winter Anniversary Session
January 29, 2015
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Winter is upon us and there's no doubt that for all you darlings who live in snow-covered locations, it's the best season to snuggle up to your sweetie. This afternoon, we're getting a dose of those warm embraces in the form of this cozy five year anniversary sesh with Britta Hundertmark. The Mrs. in a snug sweater, prettied up by Carly Pribich and the Mr. in his wool coat... snuggle up to the gallery here!
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From Britta Hundertmark...If you have ever thought of having an anniversary session, but thought "eh, we already have our wedding photos, do we really need another session?" I will tell you right now, the answer is YES!!!

When you have been with your love, married for one, two, three, fifty years - you have a comfort and a connection with them that didn't exist during your dating, engagement, or on your wedding day. It is incredible to see the ease with which married couples interact in front of the camera; the chemistry is not fueled by excitement surrounding the wedding planning or the day itself (though that energy is SO incredible!!) but it is a chemistry fueled by hope for the future, by the good and bad times that have passed, by knowing someone as well as you know yourself, or better. It is a reflection on how the past few years of life, living with your best friend, doing life with them. It is the perfect way to commemorate your love, the way it is, right in that moment.

When Elizabeth (also a wedding photographer!) came to me a few months back to talk about an anniversary session, I was thrilled! She and Vincent have been married for five years, and have not had any professional photos taken since their wedding. They had recently moved to Chicago from the south and wanted to use the background of this gorgeous city (even in the winter!) as the setting of their photos, to celebrate their new home.