Multi-Cultural Mount Hope Farm Wedding
January 23, 2015
New England
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This Mount Hope Farm affair? Well, it's both lovely and innately personal. Perhaps it's the Scrabble loving sweeties and their heritage-honoring ceremony, or the local Robin Hollow Farm succulent favors, or even the vintage VW van. All I know for certain is that when you combine Photo Booth PlanetDream Images, and Erin McGinn, you'll have a plenty of moments to cherish here.
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From Erin McGinn Photography... Rinee and Dan had the prettiest multi-cultural wedding at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, Rhode Island full of bright colors, rustic details, and sweet farm-style!

From the beautiful Bride... We envisioned a celebration that was all about our family and friends coming together. We wanted to celebrate (and share!) the natural beauty of Dan's home state celebrating the natural setting. We wanted a relaxed, weekend-long celebration with plenty of opportunities for us to connect with our guests and them with each other. We wanted it to feel intimate and personal while showcasing our love of good food, drink and music through the festivities.

The first time we saw our venue it was a gloomy, torrentially rainy January afternoon, but we both fell in love at first sight. We loved that it's community property, with such rich history -- and that it's a working farm! The day we visited, there was a farmer's market in the barn, a fiddler happily playing melodies, and lights strung up from an earlier event - we were sold. The fact that there was an Inn on property was absolutely perfect!

We wanted our ceremony to be short and sweet, highly personal and with a good dose of humor thrown in. We also wanted to include some traditional Hindu elements to reflect Rinee's heritage - without getting overly religious. We loved the idea of an outdoor ceremony in the gardens, and using a door - a symbol of new beginnings, journeys and adventures - as the arbor. Rinee's childhood friend officiated, and Rinee's dad took the couple through the traditional seven steps with the fire blazing in the background on an antique pedestal that Len & Nancy provided from their home. We also exchanged flower garlands handmade by Rinee's mom, Ruby. We prepared our own vows to ensure they'd be personally meaningful.

We hand-wrote our escort cards on beautifully designed craft paper tags with ribbons in our wedding colors - corals, blues and greys. Cards were strung up between two old ladders along with a few photos from our engagement shoot on the lovely ocean drive in Newport. We had framed family photos on the mantle over the fireplace in the barn - for us, this was an important symbol of two families coming together. Our table numbers were spelled out in scrabble tiles - we both love the game and I'm a big fan of words.

We had small potted succulents lining the bookshelves as favors - we loved the idea of giving our guests something natural and local - grown right in the area (Robin Hollow Farm).

We wanted to capture our guests having fun - so we had a vintage VW photo-bus, Chloe, complete with zany props like a rubber chicken to ensure our guests would have a chance to get silly - and could leave messages for us along with the photo strips as our guest book.