Tips for Making a Romantic Winter Bouquet
January 22, 2015
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I'm a firm believer that pretty blooms are just the thing to brighten up a day anytime of year, especially during the cold winter months when most everything is bare and blah. Enter the perfect romantic winter bouquet, captured by Kate Weinstein and crafted by our darling friend Tiffany from A Splendid Occasion, who is generously giving us the sweet recipe. From Chocolate Cosmos to Amaranthus Hot Biscuits to Caramel Antike, these winter petals sound good enough to eat!
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Italian Ruscus
Peach and Orange Ranunculus
Garden Roses (Yves Piaget, Caramel Antike, Romantic Antike)
Parrot Tulips
Fall foliage (Maple Branch)
Chocolate Cosmos
Amaranthus Hot Biscuits

instructionsstep-1Incorporate Tons of Texture. I love incorporating different types of textures in my bridal bouquets all throughout the year, and winter is no exception. This time of year there are so many unique elements that can be incorporated, so why not get a little adventurous! One of my favorite elements to use right now are foraged branches or any fall or winter foliage around your home. These are extremely unexpected, but add that unique and wild touch. Texture also provides dimension to the arrangement. If foliage isn’t your thing, try berries or succulents.

step-2Be Bold with Color. In the winter we all start to bring out our neutral sweaters and subtle accessories, but what about the color? Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we need to tuck away all of our fun and festive colored items. The same goes for floral! Just because you are having a winter wedding, doesn’t mean you need to banish vibrant colors from your wedding palette. Be bold and brave. A pop of color never hurt anyone! I love going all out with a color palette. My inspiration for this winter bouquet were the colors of sunset and A Splendid Occasion's new brand and website!

step-3We all love giant, fluffy peonies and dinner plate cafe au lait dahlias, but unfortunately they are not available all year long. Garden roses are my favorite to use in the winter. The soft pink romantic antike garden roses that we used in this bouquet bloomed so beautifully and ended up being the show stoppers. Large, fluffy and perfectly bloomed! A lot of brides write off roses instantly, but these voluminous garden roses can really make all the difference. Instead of using a large amount of smaller, more expensive flowers, do your research (or ask your florist!) and find the best fuller varieties for your bouquet. The bigger blooms make more of a statement too!

step-4Have fun with it! Overall, having fun with your winter bouquet is key. Winter bouquets don’t all have to look like the holidays or be completely white. Get creative and find the flowers, colors, or natural elements that mean the most to you and incorporate them. Spray paint is always a great idea too if you are looking for a specific color. I really enjoy spray painting my greens gold in the winter for a little extra sparkle. Don’t be afraid to get a little wild with it, just keep playing around with it until it is perfect!