A DIY Floral Ombre Centerpiece
January 22, 2015
When it comes to wedding décor, fresh, colorful blooms are our #1 go-to. From bright punchy hues, to subtle shades of pastel, show-stopping centerpieces are a perfect way to add interest to your tablescape. Try your hand at this easy ombré DIY and we guarantee your guests will want to stop and smell the roses.


DIY Simple Ombré Centerpiece

12 bud vases of varying heights
Spray roses in 3 different shades of the same color
Scissors or flower stem cutters


step-1Fill all 12 vases with water about half way. Remove any leaves and thorns from all the spray roses stems.

step-2Cut each stem to your desired length based on the height of the vase. Varying the heights will create more personality in the arrangement.

step-4Once you've added your blooms into a nice bouquet, reach into the center to pull up any flowers that you'd like to accent.

step-4Fill 4 vases using the lightest shade of spray rose. Continue onto the medium and darker shade, filling 4 vases with each. Then gently move the vases closer together to create a cohesive centerpiece.


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