Romantic Pastel Rosemary Beach Wedding
January 21, 2015
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When Beau and Meredith began planning their long-awaited wedding, a celebration anchored in faith was at the top of their list. Along with Shelby Peaden Events they wove in beautiful moments like their scripture-filled ceremony backdrop and the Bride's brother who served as officiant. Myrtie Blue made certain the day had no shortage of gorgeous blooms, and as for the photos by Lauren Kinsey? We're only just getting started.
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From The Bride...Beau & I are a bit all over the place — literally all over the map! Our story begins in the wonderful town of Norman, Oklahoma. It’s not necessarily a small town, but if you have lived there long enough, you can’t go anywhere without seeing at least three people you know. So, I have “known” Beau since I was little. He was the sweet little boy my momma always mentioned as “the man I should someday marry.” He dated my life-long best friend in elementary school, I watched him speed past every runner in our town’s Hershey’s Track Meets, we attended the same summer camp, and eventually attended the same high school, where we would pass each other in the hallways with a semi-awkward half-smile… you know how that goes.

According to Beau, he began falling for me our sophomore year of high school, but someone must have been a little nervous :) Thankfully, God gave him a giant nudge when placing us together in a small “class” of only four students, where we had plenty of time to talk. One month later we went on our first date to a Mexican restaurant, followed by a trip to Super Target where we ate ice cream and “chased” each other down the aisles in motorized shopping carts (real mature, I know). From that point on, Beau and I were inseparable. I would love to say that “the rest is history” or “and here we are today!”, but Beau and I didn’t really do normal – in fact, we chose to be abnormal.

Choosing the Town Hall as our ceremony site was probably the easiest decision we made throughout the entire planning process. Rosemary Beach is our place. Being in a long distance relationship and traveling back and forth between states throughout the years, this was always the one place that was constant in our relationship. We quickly (and easily) decided that the Rosemary Beach Town Hall would make the perfect location to celebrate together with our two “separate worlds” in our most favorite place!

My brother was the officiant at our wedding, and knowing him as a man who is passionate about the message of a Christ-centered marriage, I knew that he would be diving deep into the passage of Ephesians for our ceremony. After discussing our ceremony timeline with him the month before the wedding, I knew that what he had to say was exactly what was needed to be said–nothing more, nothing less.