Whimsical Sunshine Coast Wedding
January 20, 2015
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On this cold New England evening, Matt Rowe has managed to transport me to a summer day that radiates warmth and love. With every sunny detail designed a la Cloud Nine Weddings, from the stunning altar installation to a romantic walk down the aisle, every moment of this Wirreanda Park affair is endearing. Take a peek at the gallery for so much more here.
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From Matt Rowe Photography... Tarsha and Matt's garden-styled wedding was a treat. This couple maintained a focus on fun (and hilarity) as well as their genuine affection and love. Styled in a flush of greenery in a giant fig-lined park with soft details of petals and vintage props the scene was perfect. As photographers we like to get into the vibe of each wedding and the groomsmen had us laughing early on and right through the night with their care-free antics. The sincerity of the gestures within the details - the wishing well and the jams - demonstrated the core of a wedding celebration and the involvement of those dearest. The final announcement at the end of the night really tipped the scale to awesome-ness and elicited so much joy (what a great way to celebrate the start of a family!). We had a ball and felt blessed to have been part of this gorgeous celebration.

From the Bride... We met when we were 14 years old at one of my Nan and Pop's family BBQs. Matt had known my cousins and my Aunty and Uncle for many years as he played in the same soccer team as my cousins which my uncle coached. Matt's mum had moved next door to my Nan and Pop which is why they were invited over to the BBQ. We started dating at 15.

I came home from work on Friday to an empty suitcase on the bed with a note saying 'pack your bags I will be home to pick you up in an hour'. He had reserved a penthouse in Noosa for the weekend. I was expecting something to happen on the Saturday night at dinner, but nothing happened. He waited until Sunday afternoon just before we went home. We had gone to get some cheese and champagne to have a picnic down by the Marina. As I have walked off onto the grassed area to sit down he asked 'why don't we see if we can get on one of these boats (off to the side there were BBQ boats down a pontoon) reluctantly I agreed. But as we got to the bottoms of the pontoon Matt turned and shook hands with the owner of a gondola which he had pre-booked months in advance. We went for a lovely romantic boat ride around the canals of Noosa. Matt downed half a bottle of wine due to nerves (he is a strict beer drinker haha) then just as we were about to dock as hopped on one knee and proposed. I cried.

On the day felt like one big blur having coffee, then makeup, then hair, then limo, then ceremony. It didn't really feel any different. It just felt like this is what I was meant to be doing all along. I did get excited and it started to kick in as I got out of the limo. I was excited to finally be able to call Matt my husband. One of the best highlights of the day though was when we were at the reception and Matt was doing his final speech and asked our guests to look under their seats for an envelope which was a 'lucky door prize'. Whoever had the envelope under their seat (which was planned to be one of my best friends) was asked to read out the card which said 'Matt and Tarsha would like to announce that in May next year they will be expecting their first baby'. The room just erupted with screams and whistles and it turned the whole day into a really amazing celebration of love and life.

The details of the wedding were amazing! My bridesmaids helped me decorate hundreds of jars which had been collected by family and friends. My beautiful Nana had worked tirelessly for almost a year hand making five different flavours of jam in over 100 jars which were given to all of our guests as gifts, which were all hand decorated. our wine box was another important detail. My step father had had made a special box for us to us in a wine ceremony. We both wrote letters to each other about what we think our life will be like in 10 years and how we felt in the days leading up to the wedding. We then chose a bottle of red wine to go in the box and we had our parents help seal the box shut with nails which we will open on our 10th wedding anniversary. We also had a handmade wishing well that plays a part in each one of our family weddings. A little plaque is made with the couple's names and the date of their special day. So far we are up to wedding number 6.