Romantic Warehouse Wedding At Ravenswood Event Center
January 16, 2015
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I always recommend warehouses to my engaged girlfriends. You can literally do anything, transform them into any scene. And this wedding at the Ravenswood Event Center proves my point perfectly. As someone who planned countless weddings for others already, this bride knew what she was doing when she crafted her own. Jordan Quinn captured it all and this gallery is popping with Pinterest-worthy ideas!
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From The Bride... I crept through the dimly lit stairwell I had led hundreds of brides up before, in my big white dress, stepping softly in my shiny flats. As the general manager of this intimate, exposed warehouse, I had coordinated more weddings here than I could count. I’d seen every great idea, every example of commitment, every celebration of love. Six years and six months after my first day of work at the Ravenswood Event Center, the best day ever had finally arrived. It was MY wedding.

All of the stress and anxiety that I usually feel for my couples met me on my special day. But with each step, I was getting closer to my friends, my family, my colleagues, and my husband.

As I reached the top, I was greeted with the familiar scent of the cologne Dave had worn on our first date and the proud smile I had so recently cracked during our first look. I held my grandmother’s brooch tightly around a blush bouquet, and walked down the aisle of the Atrium to meet him.

Our officiant began by sharing our love story, one that was 15 years in the making. After a series of traditions, vows of commitment and life changing questions, we spoke directly to one another. Making promises to understand each others' wants, admirations, love, and to spend the rest of our lives side-by-side. The homespun location and our family, our friends and our humble vendors who have become friends, in the crowd made every minute of that day unforgettable and so, so beautiful.

I remembered the last journal entry I wrote to him on April 11th, how fast 24 hours can pass, anticipating every one of the 365 passage and doodles he put to paper during the last year of our engagement. I thought ahead to our one year anniversary, where we will open the bottle of red we had picked during one of our many winery adventures and read the letters we wrote to each other on our wedding day.

As we walked our guests down the cracked sidewalk to the ordinary hallway I walk through every morning, I lost my breath at the enchantment, the candles and the transformation. I broke bread with our head chef, swung around the dance floor with my florist, and surprised my husband, not with the 16ft farm table of desserts, but the small, perfect Marine cake I secretly ordered to honor his time serving our country.

Every weekend, I cross my heart and hope for a clear blue sky. I fluff white, ruffled dresses, and am so satisfied when I can give my brides everything they had hoped for on their wedding day. But nothing will ever fill me like the generosity, the love and the hard work I received from those around me on my day. For every one of the candles suspended in the air, for every stem outlining the entrance into my reception, for every bite of our delicious dinner, I am truly grateful for all of those who made our special day an honest labor of love.