Chic Summer Downtown LA Wedding
January 5, 2015
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There is something about LA weddings that I just love. They have a modern elegance with the right amount of urban style. This quintessential LA celebration, shot by Betsi Ewing Studio and Luke David, is classy and chic, with beautiful florals by Valerie Jurado Botanical Design, and a touch of whimsy with some of LA's food trucks. Let's kick off the week with some fun and this gallery has just that and more.
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From Betsi Ewing Studio... Adam and Beth both lived in New York City around the same time but perhaps only met on the subway. Beth believes Adam was probably the nice guy who helped her pick up her students' papers on a windy subway platform. In the summer and fall of 2011, Adam and Beth were both led to Los Angeles.

Unbeknownst to them, Adam and Beth were both going to the same church, Pacific Crossroads Church (PCC), and living two blocks away from each other. In September of 2012, Adam felt compelled to join a community group through PCC and picked the one most convenient, two blocks away, lead by the Doctor sisters, Beth and Maria. So as the story goes, Adam arrived on Beth's doorstep.

A little over a month later Beth and Adam were dating. They knew very early on in their relationship that they were meant to be together forever. On their one year anniversary, Adam surprised Beth with the greatest question ever, and asked her to marry him.

Beth enjoyed every minute planning the wedding during their seven month engagement. Producing high-impact events in her own line of work, she found herself with extraordinarily detailed itineraries for vendors and family alike, and a 30-tab spreadsheet. The groom was masterful at arranging the reception, music, transportation and hotel.

No LA wedding would be complete without LAPD ghettobirds (helicopters), a taco truck, and the groom laying down a sick DJ set.