Elegant Cranbrook Gardens & Art Museum Wedding
January 2, 2015
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Looking for the world's most beautiful wedding?  Well you found it... right here.  And, let me tell you, it's everything you wanted and more.  From the soft, romantic details to that stunning Vera Wang gown to every last moment captured by Blaine Siesser Photography, it's like a trifecta of wedding goodness, all wrapped up in image after image of pure awesome.  Click here for soooo much more
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From the Bride...We had been together for 4.5 years, so I knew the time was coming but didn't know it would happen when it did! We went to Italy to celebrate my 30th birthday. Italy is very special to us. It was our first trip together during the summer of 2009, and Verona (home of Romeo and Juliet!) was especially special. We like to think we both fell in love in Verona. Every year since, life gave us an amazing opportunity to go back to Verona on a short holiday between work travels. Each year, I took a picture with the same pose in front of my favorite fountain in Piazza delle Erbe of Verona. So after a few days of traveling through the Lago di Garda area of Italy, we stopped over in Verona. We were going for an evening walk after dinner. We stopped at the fountain, and I turned around, and Christian was down on one knee. It was nothing but tears after that!

For the wedding, Christian's whole family flew in from Germany, and I had many relatives that traveled from out of town also. It was the first time either of us have ever seen everyone at once. It was a joyous occasion for all. And it was more than just the wedding day. We had an entire four days of fun with everyone so it was absolutely perfect. Some of the things that really made our day special was the diversity that was represented at our wedding. Each of the readings at the ceremony were translated into German. At the reception, we played Arabic and American music. And before dinner, we had a short cultural prayers recited in three languages: English, German, and Arabic, representing each of our backgrounds and cultures. That was so special and unique.

My ultimate favorite memory, is getting ready to walk down the aisle with my cousin Steven, and I remember seeing Christian at the front for the first time. Everything around me went blurry. I didn't hear music. I didn't see people. I only saw Christian. It was perfect.