Romantic Dallas Surprise Proposal
December 30, 2014
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'Tis the season for proposals, and I'm betting many of you pretties are sporting a little something sparkly after last week?! 2014 personally brought a sweet proposal to me, so every time one makes it's way across my desk, I go weak in the knees. Proposals like this one from Jenny McCann, fancied up with lush garland from Posh Floral and a stunner of a rock. It's swoon central and you can see it all here.
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From Jenny McCann...With Christmas right around the corner (and lots of proposals coming up) I thought you might like to see this surprise proposal that took place in Dallas, TX. Ryan and Mariana have such a sweet story and Ryan thought of every detail for the proposal, including a surprise post engagement trip to Spain! Mariana is originally from Brazil and Ryan also surprised her by proposing in Portuguese and presented her with a Brazilian Prasiolite gemstone. Mariana has graciously written me a personal note about themselves, details about the proposal and even about the ring. I hope you enjoy these photos!

From The Bride & Groom...We met in Italy as children, around 12 years old, when both our fathers were transferred there for the same company. Our families traveled a lot together and I had a secret crush on Ryan even then. He tells me he was already in love with me and would always get excited when his family came to visit. After 4 years in Italy my family moved back to Brazil and his back to the US. We did not see or talk to each other for 5 years. We re-connected when my family moved to Texas, and his family came to visit. Then he was taller and looked like a man instead of a boy! We still felt that instant attraction towards each other as if no time had passed. We started talking to each other on the phone every day and (without planning) both ended up at UT Austin. We started dating there and have been together for 5 years. We are now so excited to start planning our 2016 wedding in Brazil!

The day of the proposal my friend invited me for a day at the spa under the premise that it was a "gift" given to her, although Ryan was the actual gift giver. We had everything done: hair, facial, makeup, massage. The works! My friend called an Uber to take us to a restaurant where we would meet our guys for a double date but she never got into the car. Instead she handed me headphones, gave the address to the driver and left. While in the car, Ryan texted me a link to a Youtube video and it turned out to be a video from my parents and relatives in Brazil wishing me all the best in this new step in life. It was very emotional for me to watch! When I arrived Ryan was there inside the gazebo, all handsome, waiting for me. He proposed in Portuguese finishing with the words we have as a symbol of our relationship: "today and always". After the photos with Jenny, we got in the car and I called my parents. I was so excited talking to them I did not notice where we were going. The car slowed down and I realized we were at the airport. At that point I freaked out. Ryan planned a post engagement vacation to Barcelona that was going to start right away! He planned everything, even arranging with my work so I could take that time off. The trip was amazing and truly an unforgettable experience.

We went to Brazil this past summer for the World Cup and while there Ryan asked me to visit a few jewelry stores so he would have an idea of what I liked. H. Stern is the best jewelry store in Brazil. It is like Tiffany's here in the US. When I saw this Prasiolite ring I fell in love with it instantly! Prasiolite is a stone you can only find in it's natural form in Brazil. The ring was also a special collection made only for the world cup month, and only sold in Brazil. I knew this was the one, but I had no idea how Ryan would be able to get it. There are several regulations regarding exporting and importing jewelry, and H. Stern could not send the ring to the US. Ryan also could not buy the ring there with me, because it would not be a surprise. I was convinced I was not going to have this ring, and told myself I would find something else I liked here. But Ryan snuck out with my dad and bought the ring. He had my parents ask a friend who was going to NYC to take the ring with her, then Ryan recruited one of his friends from college who lives in NYC to pick up the ring from this woman, then another friend took the ring to meet Ryan in Austin. After 3 nerve-wracking months he finally got the ring!