Festive Photo Shoot in Germany
December 24, 2014
Complete with caroling, cookies, and cocoa this piece of pretty from Tanja Kibogo is pure holiday magic. It’s layers of beautiful styling from Helene Gutjahr Decoration, upon layers of cookies and Lilli Fritz cakes, upon layers of just plain pretty. One peek at the gallery and you will be wishing the holidays happened more than once a year, more here!
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From Tanja Kibogo... The holiday season is typically very hectic in Germany, everyone seems to be busy and tense - quiet the opposite of how the Christmas season should be!
Which is why my friend Helene Gutjahr from Helene Gutjahr Decoration and I came up with a Christmas themed couple portrait session to remind ourselves and everyone out there to take a break and spend time together. Taking time to enjoy decorating your home consciously, bake cookies together, be thankful for all the good things in life, for the gift of love and being loved in return.

The Venue is a private Farm, and the owner was so kind enough to let us in and do whatever we wanted with his trees. He stayed and watched our shoot and had fun seeing his fir Farm get decorated.