Rustic Meets Elegant Turner Hall Wedding
December 19, 2014
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I have to agree with Britta Marie Photography on this one: these two are awesome.  They're obviously gorgeous, obviously fun and dance like NO ONE is watching.  I love them.  And their elegant meets rustic Milwaukee wedding?  Well, it's what dreams are made of with one moment after another of pure, unadulterated bliss.  Check it out right here.
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From Britta Marie Photography… The only thought that went through my head as I edited this wedding was that I needed to find a way for those who were not there, or who do not know this couple, to understand how incredible this day was.

I got to the hotel that I was to meet Kate (the bride) at for getting ready photos. I got all checked in to my room and did a little exploring around the neighborhood to check out the photo locations she had suggested for the first look and portraits (Milwaukee is an awesome city, by the way). When I got back to the hotel I went to Kate’s room and what I found was the most calm and collected bride I have ever seen. She kept saying to all in the room over and over that “this is the best day ever!” and she meant it with her whole heart. The day was, in my mind, flawless. There was no scurrying around, everything was on time, there were no heated tempers or worrying over the fact that someone else’s wedding was being set up in the location we had chosen for photos, or that it was the first hot and humid day we had had all summer. No. There was only joy on the minds of this bride and groom, and those around them.

The entire day was filled with the most intense (happy) emotion. The first look was filled with tears and “I love yous” from both the bride and the groom. The ceremony, officiated by Kate’s mom, was just as heart felt. As Kate and her dad were walking down the aisle, I turned to grab a quick shot of Dan, waiting for his bride, and what I saw was a tear-filled groom with his arm around the Mother of the Bride (yup, I totally lost it when I saw that). Every moment of this day had purpose and had celebrating these two in mind.

And Kate and Dan are not your average couple. Besides being ridiculously good looking, photogenic, and tall – these two collectively have the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met. I saw the joy in their eyes as they greeted each and every guest and the way they looked at each other on the dance floor made it seem like there was no one else around (I know, it sounds cliche, but look at some of these “open dance” photos. ITS SO TRUE!). They love each other and the people around them with so much passion that it is impossible to be around them and not feel like you are in the presence of two of your favorite people ever.

This day will go down and a wedding I will never forget. I can only hope that these images will allow those who were not there, to live through some of the magic that happened, and that those where were fortunate enough to witness this day in person are brought back to one of the happiest days of their lives.