Romantic Lavender Lakeside Inspiration
December 18, 2014
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I believe there is no such thing as too much lavender. I love both the flower itself and the scent, and would sprinkle a little all over my apartment if my fiancé would let me. So when I came upon this gorgeous photo shoot by Jenna McElroy, styled by Claire Brody, I was drawn right in, transported to this ethereal lakeside wonderland, and I haven't let the gallery since.
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From Jenna McElroy... For this shoot, Claire and I took inspiration from nature. We wanted to combine deep purples, and golds with natural elements to create an ethereal and organic lakeside shoot. Claire picked fresh lavender and incorporated it into the brides bouquet, and as the centerpiece on the table. We got a low table, and instead of chairs, used deep purple pillows, so that the seating would be more relaxed. The rocky lake terrain, paired with the bride's delicate dress, and soft make-up, add to the romantic ambience.