DIY Wrapping Paper Envelope Liners
December 18, 2014
Hi friends, Angela here from Saffron Avenue bringing you a quick and easy DIY envelope liners! Since we all tend to stock up on wrapping paper around the holidays, I wanted to incorporate that into my Christmas cards this year as envelope liners. I'm using some custom wrapping paper I've made, but as we know Target and our favorite local stores are chock-full of great styles to snag!

  • Envelopes

  • Wrapping paper

  • Glue stick

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Rubber stamp (optional)


STEP ONE | Choose your wrapping paper, I recommend switching it up between envelopes. You can really use any roll you want!
STEP TWO | Trace your envelope, since some envelopes range in size and shape I recommend just taking the one you use and trace it out. I didn't trace the entire envelope at the bottom, I left about 1" - 2" off the bottom (since they can't see the liner at the bottom).
STEP THREE | Cut it out, trim around the drawn lines (or a little inside the lines so you don’t see them). Once you are done cutting, make sure to trim off about a 1/4″ off each side (not the top, but the sides). That way it can fit right into your envelope.
STEP FOUR | Glue the flap. I used Elmer's Tape Runner, but glue dots or even a glue stick could work. Make sure to just tape the flap, the top and a little on each side. If you tape the bottom section it's a bit harder to put into the envelope without getting stuck.
STEP FIVE | Place the liner into the envelope. Make sure to shift it below the envelope glue, which is typically about a 1/2" section. Just line it up and the top and sides to make sure it is even on all sides.
STEP SIX | Fold and finished! Once you have it placed and adhered you liner to the envelope, simply fold it in half to finish it off! For a few additional touches you can stamp the envelopes, or even tie your holiday card with bakers twine!
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Here's wishing you a happy holiday season, until next time! xo