Rustic Meets Romantic Queensland Wedding
December 16, 2014
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This wedding makes me happy.  Maybe that has a little something to do with the totally in love twosome, or the fab team of vendors (think The Belle And The BeauTwig And Blossom and Casey Jane Photography), or the laid-back meets seriously romantic vibe.  My guess?  It's a sweet combination of all of the above.  Get your smile on right here.   
And a heartwarming film from Alexei Malko Films... you're welcome. 
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From the Bride... Kane and I first met through mutual friends starting with a trip to the beach over seven years ago. We instantly hit it off and it wasn't long before we were living together. I think we have a really strong relationship due to the time we spent with each other leading up to the proposal and marriage. I feel this has us in good stead for the rest of our long lives together.

Kane and I were holidaying in Vietnam in July and August 2012 and Kane got down on one knee on the top deck of a traditional south east asian junk boat on a beautiful day in the middle of Halong Bay. It was a great choice of location and it made me feel really special. It was also very brave of Kane to carry around an expensive piece of jewellery throughout Northern Vietnam!

Kane and I were both in love with the rustic/country look rather than the traditional fairytale wedding theme. This suits our personalities best because we are a bit of a unique or quirky couple that love to have fun and not get too caried away in what other people think about us, or what other people think we should do for our wedding.

We are very much about doing things ourselves or relying on friends or family to assist in certain areas such as my best friend Dana doing our hair and Kane's mother baking the wedding cake and entire desert bar. I feel this adds a very special touch to the day in that we are surrounded by our friends and family who all added their certain unique touches.

Upon visiting Yandina Station it was immediately apparent that we had no choice but to get married there. It was the perfect location for us because it was close to our families, on the Sunshine Coast and also provided the backdrop we were looking for.

Casey (photographer) was just as excited about it as we were because she had heard of the little known venue and how beautiful it was, yet hadn't snagged a client utilising the venue. There are just an abundance of breathtaking locations for beautiful photographs that we really were spoilt for choice. I think this really flowed through into the photography beautifully.

Our photography, ceremony, reception and accommodation were all held on site at Yandina Station. This was purposely selected as such to ensure that the day was low stress, low level logistics and comfortable for everyone. The venue had it all and did not require anything to be done offsite. We both placed an extremely high level of importance on spending quality time with our family guests and this was enhanced by not having to travel anywhere for accommodation, photography or the ceremony.

We decided to spend an hour or two prior to the ceremony to shoot some photos together and with the bridal party. This meant that we would see each other prior to the aisle however we planned our own special moment together which Casey captured beautifully. I sewed Kane a blindfold which he wore standing at the end of a gravel road while I walked towards him and slowly removed it. It was a really special time for us as we had both put so much time and effort into the day so it was special to spend some time together by ourselves to really soak in the moment.

I was told by a work colleague to take a look at Casey Jane's work because she thought that I would like her work. Well that definitely was an understatement, I was amazed at Casey's unique ability and flair to take beautiful photos and really highlight the best of each and every person/thing she photographs. Casey and her partner Alexie were both extremely professional and we both felt extremely confident in their ability to capture our day perfectly. We have not stopped hearing from all our friends and family about how well the day went and how great the photos were.

Our theme was more or less an outdoor, spring, country and rustic style theme. It reflected us as a couple really well due our easy going partnership and our particular likeness for having fun, spending time with family and friends and getting lost in the moment and not wasting a single second. Our inspiration was definitely self made, we reviewed lots of different weddings that had been published online and selected the best and most suitable parts to include in our own special day. I think the reason why we were so happy with the day and why it was so well received by our guests was because we put a lot of planning and organisation into it personally, yet also outsourced certain tasks such as flowers, styling, photography etc. to qualified professionals. Getting this mix right is definitely the recipe for a fun filled and low stress day.

Yandina Station influenced our decisions due to the fact it was outside and really embraced nature and the outdoors. The colour selection was really important because of the colours on show from the venue. From the silver aged timber, red rusty wrought iron, greenery and blue skies and waterholes we had to be very particular with the selected palette. I think we managed to pull it off really well due to my ivory dress, flower crown (which Kane loved!), white and simple mismatched bridesmaid dresses and the groomsman's taupe suits. It really allowed Casey to highlight the colour on display around us and really enhance the images.

Kane wears suits to work for his job as a Financial Adviser so he could use his existing knowledge to put together an outfit. This also meant that he was quite interested in wearing something he wouldn't ordinarily wear to work such as the traditional black, grey or blue. This worked out well because the taupe suits fit this category whilst also suiting the venue and wedding theme nicely. Kane wore a beautifully hand sewn seersucker tie and polka dot pocket square in grey and white that was purchased off Etsy and had a buttonhole of succulents, billy buttons and freesias.

My rings are from Tiffany and Kane's ring was custom designed by a local jeweler. The bridesmaids dresses were selected by themselves from various retailers however they all had to be white and incorporate some lace detail. I thought this was a great idea as it made them all feel pretty and confident in what they were wearing and it really showed in their demeanor on the day.

Three adjectives that best describe our wedding day are rustic, country & fun.

From Casey Jane Photography... This wedding was an absolute pleasure to photograph. The soft color palette and handmade details complimented the environment and my shooting style perfectly. I choose to shoot film to create pretty pastel tones and a light airy feel. While the guests played lawn games and sipped cocktails I spent time with Kirsty and Kane taking there images on the surrounding property. They were the sweetest couple and so easy to work with, it was clear to see they were madly in love.