Intimate Oregon Wedding at Brasada Ranch
December 12, 2014
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Warm and welcoming, it's hard to look at this wedding and not feel completely invested in every detail planned and designed by Events By Mint. It's a day that is not only beautiful in the physical sense, but it is also wrapped up in emotion. Each gorgeous image from Josselyn Peterson seemed to sweep me further off feet, and you can see why here.
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From The Bride...Brandon and my relationship started out as a friendship when we were just fourteen years old. My twin sister, Margot and I were at our school’s annual homecoming walking around campus, when out of the blue we locked eyes with two boys – never speaking a word to one another. A couple days later, Margot and I got a call from a summer camp friend who over heard these same boys talking about the “twins” during her science class. She put two and two together and realized it was us they were talking about. Suddenly we are on a conference call with Brandon, and that was the beginning of this everlasting relationship.

After that first night on the phone, Brandon and I were immediately drawn to each other. We would spend hours on the phone and soon after spend tons of time together.

Our journey, though filled with its share of ups and downs, blossomed into true love. Brandon and I are lucky to not only call each other best friends, but also soul mates.

Flash forward 14 years later, when Brandon and I got engaged! Like everything he does, Brandon made our engagement so very special and filled with more love than one can ever imagine. Much to my surprise, he proposed on my birthday in Santa Barbara at San Yisidro Ranch, a place I would always talk about and dreamt of staying at. We arrived at our cottage, and through the front door, I saw a crate. I turned around and said, “did you get a dog??? You are not ready for a dog!” (side note: we weren’t even living together yet). He didn’t react, just opened the door, got down and opened the crate. Next thing I knew the cutest little vizsla, known now as Penni came out. Still in shock and thinking that I just got the most insane birthday present ever, Brandon suddenly started to say all these sweet words and sentiments about our love for each other and our future together. Next thing I knew, he was taking a ring off of this little puppy’s collar and was proposing to me as we were both sitting on the floor with Penni. It was so beautiful, intimate, memorable and beyond special. We became a family!

Next came time to think about “our wedding.” We knew we wanted a destination wedding and that we wanted to include all of our family and close friends. We didn’t want the generic “hotel” wedding, instead I wanted to make sure our wedding was simple, intimate, rustic, sweet, special and filled with tons of love. And Brandon’s only request was a ranch style wedding. With those few requests, I was able to research on finding the perfect setting, which would allow us to bring our vision to life (and most importantly find the perfect location for my Mr.). After months of research, I came across Brasada Ranch, or what I like to call our “diamond in the rough.”

As soon as I came across Brasada Ranch’s website, I quickly sent the link to Brandon. I was SO excited! After looking at tons of photos and exchanging emails with their events team, we planned our first trip up north from Los Angeles. After we landed, rented our car and took in the picturesque scenery of Bend, Oregon, we came across what we thought was Brasada Ranch – Brandon was not happy with me (I’ll spare you the details), but then we quickly (and luckily) realized it was the wrong place. Finally we arrived and we were smitten. It was us, our dreams unfolded into a reality – rustic, romantic, beautiful scenery, intimate, great food and adorable cabins (no hotel rooms). It’s hard to put into words, but we just felt right when we were there. We brought our parents back soon after, and were happy to receive their seals of approval. Over the next year we dove headfirst into planning our weekend, which we had tons of fun doing.

Our wedding was on August 2, 2014. However, we were lucky enough that a lot of our family and friends planned to arrive early. With that, we planned some fun activities for everyone, like river rafting, beer tasting, a golf tournament and some much needed pool time.

The night before our wedding we had a beautiful outdoor barbecue – with great food, incredible music and to top it all off the most insane sunsets and pink skies.

Our actual wedding day was truly magical. It was everything we wanted and so much more. We were literally speechless at how beautiful everything was. We exchanged our vows during an outdoor ceremony; surrounded by our family and closest friends amongst such natural beauty (and a couple rain drops), then moved our party up to the Barn, where we enjoyed the patio for cocktails and music and then continued the party indoors for dinner and some serious dancing. The room was filled with candles, white roses and ivy, and proved to be very intimate and romantic, with a touch of rustic chic. We partied until the wee hours of the night, drinking, dancing and having the absolute best time.

When we look back at our wedding weekend, we still cannot believe it was our wedding. We are forever grateful and so blessed to have really had the wedding of “our dreams.” If we had to pick a favorite part, we would say, aside from getting to marry each other, it was hearing that people had the “best weekend of their life.” There really were so many special moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.