Romantic Pink Navidad Wedding Inspiration
December 11, 2014
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I'm kind of wishing this rosy pink Maria Lluisa Rabell skirt was mine right about now. I'd get my twirl on for a good while, that's for sure. But alas, it isn't hanging in my closet, so I'm soaking up every bit of it's loveliness à la this darling shoot from Mireia Cordomí. With it's sweet hints of the upcoming Navidad, every pretty capture emits a festive femininity like no other. Commence swooning right here!
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From Mireia Cordomi...We had inspired in a Pink and white christmas wedding shoot with a perfect girl. At night she became a free girl.

She was a good girl, obedient and polite. She didn’t like to upset and she didn’t like to disappoint. A glimmer of a smile always played on her lips, but it was a sad smile made of dreams and memories. Her need to be perfect was her golden cage, a cage she dreamed of breaking free from to a hidden place, a secret place where there was no one to judge. She longed to escape for a day, an hour, a second; to run from herself toward her liberation.

She was on the brink of a new life, she was leaving behind her role as the perfect daughter to become the ideal wife. It was expected of her, she had no choice. But she knew that she would never be free from her own shackles if she was deceiving herself.

So she chose to marry at Christmas time, her favorite time of year. And like her, her day was sweet, elegant and perfect in every way, a joyous celebration in pinks and whites. To her Christmas would always be pink, it was about new beginnings and purity, it was about light and love. On that day she made a vow to herself, she decided she would remain that perfect girl and a perfect wife. But on the evening of Christmas Eve each year, once the last candle had been blown out, she would return to that day and to her true self. She would be untied from her restraints of perfection and would set herself free, running away from her home and back to nature for one night only. That grey still evening was hers alone. In the Christmas night air, the frosty ground crackling under her feet, she would dance, run, and finally escape. With red leaves falling about her like snowflakes, the perfect girl glowed beneath the light of the Christmas moon. 

“Memories, like life itself, shine brighter at Christmas” – Charles Dickens.