Beachside Arboretum Shoot at Shelldance Orchid Gardens
December 11, 2014
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Let me just start by saying, I'm kind of beside myself with happiness right now. Gorgeous images (like the ones sitting pretty below from Daniel Kim) tend to do that to me. But when you throw in oodles of gorgeous blooms so pretty I could cry from Hana And Pine on top of that, I kind of don't know what to do with myself other than sit and stare at all the pretty. So this is me, giving Harvesting Love Events the biggest of virtual hugs for bringing us this shoot, it totally made my day.
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From Harvesting Love Events...When I first laid my eyes on the Shelldance Orchid Gardens in Pacifica, I immediately fell in love with the space. Not only that, but the beach is right across the street, making it perfect for a gorgeous natural backdrop. Nancy, the curator of the arboretum has an impeccable eye for putting together everything from tropical plants to succulents.

Since the arboretum has a lot of details in the backdrop, my goal for this inspiration shoot was to keep the concept simple. I wanted to make sure that the colors and style complimented the arboretum. Even though we had an amazing venue to work with, it was a bit of a challenge to make sure it didn't look busy. I ended up getting my color inspiration from the venue and used green, grey, beige, pops of burgundy, and other colors that would go well together. I am also a huge fan of the new indigo plates and it was a must to incorporate into the table setting!

The quality of the vendors' work went above and beyond my expectations for this inspiration shoot. As a designer/planner, I often get a lot of the credit, but it really takes a team to create something amazing. With the stunning backdrops of the California coast and the natural beauty of the arboretum, this location would be perfect for a bride who is looking for something elegant with a contemporary flair.