Botticelli-Inspired Bridal Shoot
December 8, 2014
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Back in college, I sort of prided myself on being an art history buff. And when one summer program took me to the city of Florence, studying the greats like Botticelli, you better believe that love of Italian Renaissance stuck with me. *Enter* this Primavera-inspired shoot put together by the fabulous Kate Weinstein PhotoA Splendid Occasion and Layers Of Loveliness. They teamed up for their own dreamy bridal interpretation, and if you ask me? Well, they hit the nail on the head.
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From Kate Weinstein Photo...The Villa Terrace is a beautiful Italian-style venue and art museum located in the heart of Milwaukee. For this shoot, we wanted to design something that fit the classical style of the venue but we also wanted to keep it simple; the Villa Terrace is already beautifully designed as it is so it doesn't require much additional decoration. Our color and mood inspiration for the shoot was Botticelli's moody and ethereal painting "Primavera."