Vintage Holly Farm Wedding
December 2, 2014
United States
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Holly Farm emits a coziness that lures you in and wraps you up in love—at least that's the effect it has on me, every single time. With it's lush greens stretching their palms and leaves out in every direction and hugging every portrait from Lisa Lefringhouse, this vintage fete has a sweet sass that'll keep you coming back for more. From the Bride's hot red lip to the mix-matched coral 'maids, you can find it all here.
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From the beautiful Bride...As soon as Nick and I walked into The Holly Farm, we knew it was the venue for us. Nick is a New Yorker and I grew up in Berkeley. We met in San Francisco and I brought him to Carmel many times during our 6 years of dating in the hopes that the stunning coastline and valley would convince him to stick around the west coast for a while. Carmel is a special place for my family because my great grandparents built a home there in the 40s. Since then, many couples in my family have been married in the area, including my parents, who happened to buy their wedding cake from the previous owner of the Holly Farm over 30 years ago!

Inspired by the rose gold art deco engagement ring that Nick designed for me, we went for a vibrant, vintage feel while embracing the rustic charm of the Holly Farm. Nick is colorblind so he let me choose our palette. I love bright colors and shades of coral, turquoise and gold seemed just right in the gardens. We asked our bridesmaids and groomsmen to choose their own dresses and suits for a mismatched and fresh look. We didn't work with a planner so we kept the decor simple and let the luscious venue and Kate Healy’s homegrown flowers do most of the work.

Our dear friend Ali married us in a very personal ceremony under the oak tree. We passed our rings around as we said our vows and asked all our guests to bless them before we sealed the deal. We spent the rest of the day grinning our faces off, filled to the brim with love for each other and all of the friends and family who came to celebrate with us.