Organically Curated Kindred-Style Ranch House Wedding
December 1, 2014
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One of the things we preach on SMP is to always make your wedding your own. And this gorgeous, glowy, ridiculously joy filled bride and groom did just that. From the hymns chosen to the milk and cookies they served instead of the cake, every last detail allowed their story to unfold. And the photos by Anna Delores give us a perfect glimpse into all of the lovely. And there is more here!
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From The Bride...The theme and decor for the wedding wasn't really shaped around one idea in particular, since I am pretty indecisive. After a lot of changing my mind I decided I wanted to have a combination of decor ideas that reflected us as a couple, showed our love for Jesus, and included members of our family. Thanks to wonderful loved ones, we pulled off a DIY wedding that was extremely personal!

For the ceremony we had JJ's uncle marry us, and two of our good friends sang one of my mom's favorite hymns during communion. For reception decor I hoped for a neutral color palette, and we added navy blue (JJ's favorite color) for accents. For the seating arrangements, we turned an alphabet song that JJ's grandma taught him into the table assignments, and made each table correspond to the letter/verse of the song. We served milk & cookies for dessert because neither of us like cake, and we wanted something fun and whimiscal! I designed the paper goods and signage for the ceremony and reception, and Kindred did our wedding invitations.

JJ's dad cut and made each birch candle holder for us. We added antlers from the family collection to pay homage to Idaho, where JJ is from. One of my friends, Jenna, did the floral arrangements, and her sister (Alexandra, co-founder of Kindred) designed our invitations. It was amazing to see everyone's efforts come together to create the perfect setting with such special details!

The whole day was a whirlwind of intimate and memorable moments. Some of my favorites were our first look, taking pictures with our bridal party, and right when the barn door opened for me to walk down the aisle. The celebration of such a sacred union, combined with having everyone you love in one room, and seeing all of your hard work come together makes for one heck of a day. But the best days come after!