San Juan Capistrano Wedding Film
November 26, 2014
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I adore watching wedding videos. But to be able to watch your video, on your actual wedding day, makes my sentimental heart skip a beat. Amari Productions captured the beautiful wedding of this adorable couple and shared it with everyone there for a same day premiere! Imagine watching and realizing the fun gets to continue right where the film leaves off; I can't think of a better happy ending.
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From Amari Productions... They couldn't stop smiling. As soon as Caryn & Zane saw each other they lit up with these big, beautiful, genuine, joyful smiles. They were the kind of smiles that you could see, and knowing nothing else about the couple, know they were madly in love. They were the best kind of smiles, and they never left for the rest of the day.

To cap off this wonderful wedding, we had the honor of showing a Same Day Premiere. If you've never heard of a Same Day Premiere, it is exactly as its name implies. We edit and show your wedding film AT YOUR WEDDING. How? Well, think of a top hat. Now, imagine a magician (complete with coattails and a curly mustache if you will) pulling a rabbit out of said hat. Got that? Ok, replace the rabbit in that scenario with a wedding film and that's pretty much how it happens.

Same Day Premieres are one of our favorite types of wedding films. Everyone is right when they say your wedding day is going to fly by. So we love being able to sit you down with all of your family and friends surrounding you so that you can see what the heck just happened! (Spoiler alert: YOU GOT MARRIED!) Then (and this is the ultimate kicker), after the film ends and you're thinking to yourself, "Wow, this really has been the BEST DAY of my life", the lights come back on and you realize: YOU'RE STILL THERE! Your parents, your bridal party, your best man and maid of honor, everyone that matters to you most is still there, ready to make more memories together.
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