Whimsical Summer Chicago Wedding
November 21, 2014
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Some weddings are romantic, some are adorable; others are whimsical, and some just look like one fun party. This Chicago celebration is all of that and more. A beautiful bride, gorgeous florals, cool venue, and a gelato AND cookie bar make this celebration unlike any other. Cristina G caught every smile and this gallery leaves me feeling very jealous of all those lucky guests.
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From Cristina G Photography... There are some weddings that are too beautiful to be real so when you are there taking all this beauty into your camera, you pinch yourself hard to be sure you are not dreaming. Holly & Dan’s wedding was one for the books. And more real then any wedding I have ever photographed. The love for each other is so big, you can feel it when you are around them. You can see it all the way inside Dan’s heart as he is embracing Holly, eyes closed, holding her tight. And if that weren’t enough, they sprinkled it onto every single detail of their magical day.

From The Bride... We met in the theater in 2007. We were cast in one of the best and most romantic musicals of all time, "West Side Story." Daniel played "Baby John" and I was a dancer and "girlfriend of Diesel" in the "Jet" gang. We became great friends through long rehearsals and the run of the show. We started dating and realized very quickly we were good for each other's soul. We dated for seven years which took us from our hometown Milwaukee, WI to Chicago, IL. Along the way we "grew up" together, became best friends, held each other's hand through really hard times, and supported each other through our greatest successes. Being struggling artists is not easy, but Daniel is the person you want at the finish line when you have nothing left and I'm the person encouraging you along the way. 

It was in year six when the proposal happened. We had finally found our place in Chicago. I was coming home on a rainy evening from work and messaged Dan to see if he'd pick me up from the train to avoid the wet walk home. He replied "I'm at work babe." I walked home and noticed on the front door to our building, was taped a white envelope that said "Holly." Inside read a list of reasons why Dan loved me. I walked up the three flights of stairs to another envelope - more reasons. I paused, knowing what was going on, and took a deep breath. Inside I found more letters, flowers, and pictures of our 6 year journey scattered everywhere amongst candles! I walked through our apartment and found more letters leading me to our back porch. I opened the door and found Dan, in a fancy suit surrounded by twinkle lights with our song playing. He got down on one knee and opened the box. In true fashion, I swore like a sailor, and said YES! The ring was custom made by Dan and is spectacular!