Morning of Wedding Inspiration Shoot
November 6, 2014
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Speaking as a bride-to-be, this lovely shoot is exactly what my wedding dreams are made of. Kurt Boomer captured the innocence of a quite morning echoed by the Gossamer gown and perfectly pink lips. Meanwhile, the anticipation of her complexion draped in a delicate veil perfectly flatters Heirloom Design House blushing blooms. You will want to light a candle in honor of one of the most beautiful galleries ever
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From Kurt Boomer...The idea behind this inspirations shoot was the feeling of the morning of Theresa's wedding. Capturing the anticipation and nervousness a couple goes through when the start of their life together is imminent. Rehearsing the day in her mind, repeating the vows written down and reading the love letter left the night before.

Every bride has been a unique experience in photographing before the ceremony. The times I enjoy the most are the reflection on the relationship that both couples seem to go through. The small bit of quiet in the sometimes hectic nature of the wedding day. I hoped to capture this time of the day in these images.