Chic Anniversary Photo Shoot at The High Line
October 7, 2014
Tri State
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What better way to celebrate your first year of wedded bliss than with a sweet photo shoot in none other than NYC? Set at the High Line, this cute couple called in Shadi Boulos for some creative genius + killer captures - and the result definitely made for a very happy anniversary. Sneak peek here!
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From Shadi Boulos...Andy & Nancy are one of the most lovable couples I have ever photographed. Their passion for each other oozes out of photos they are in in a way that shows their unique style and character. When Andy proposed to Nancy, he hired a proposal company to conduct the event. It was so sweet and unique that they were even invited to Anderson Cooper's daytime television for a Valentine's Day edition. They were finally wed in October of 2013. They had your traditional NJ wedding with a limo, a reception hall, and 2 wedding dresses! Although it was magnificent, they always wished they could just have a spur of the moment NYC filled wedding. So what better way than to have their anniversary pictures take place in New York. With Andy finishing up medical school, they had to move to Arizona and never had a chance to have a lengthy weekend to do a special shoot. We tried for some time to plan it out but something always came up, such as the brutal winter we had, unfortunately me breaking my foot in February, which lead me to stay off my feet for 8 weeks, the passing of my grandmother in April, and my travel plans for a photography workshop with Sylvie Gil in France. After months of waiting, a medical convention brought Andy & Nancy to New York City, and we were finally able to work together.

They asked me in advance to search for possible locations to photograph their shoot; they wanted something vintage, modern, and "New York-ish". I wanted to avoid some of the usual spots that are photographed as well as build a story for their shoot. I came up with the idea of New York City being the entire wedding, their bridal and groom prep were the Marriott in Downtown NYC; their "limo" was a classic NYC cab; their champagne toast was at Bubby's restaurant that provided some beautiful red chairs to accent; their reception hall was The High Line; their "wedding cake" was a High Line vendor called "Melt" that sold ice cream sandwiches; their dinner was a Korean BBQ; their guests were the people of New York City, who were in awe whenever they walked by.