Blissful San Diego Wedding at The Martin Johnson House
September 26, 2014
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I adore this post for many reasons. First, I am the biggest fan, and I mean biggest, of wedding cinematography. There is absolutly nothing like seeing your big day play out on film. Nothing. Second, Amari Productions. They are amazing. They captured this couples' stunning day with such heart you can feel it, and when you hit play, you'll see just what I mean...
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From Amari Productions...It was about eleven in the morning, and we were in a standoff. In our 4+ years as wedding videographers, we'd never been rained upon. But just 5 or so hours before Kelsey & Joel were to say "I do", it was pouring. It was Mother Nature vs. our dry streak, and it didn't look like she was going to blink.

Oh, and here's one quick detail: the entire wedding and reception was to be outside.

An hour or so later we pulled up to Kelsey and Joel's respective getting ready locations. It was still raining, albeit lightly at the moment. (Now, if at this point in the story you're fidgeting anxiously in your chair trying to pray away the rain, know that we were feeling very much the same thing.) So I, Dave, walk into Joel's house, whilst Mariah walks into Kelsey's hotel room. And what do we find? The most pure, unadulterated joy. These two were about to marry the love of their life, and that was ALL. THAT. MATTERED.

Hell yes.

By the way, it turns out Mother Nature has a soft spot for true love. Because as we left for the venue not only did the rain stop, the clouds literally parted and the sun came out. It was like that scene from Land Before Time when they find the Great Valley. The soundtrack from the movie might have even been playing as it happened, or maybe that was just in my head.

Either way, the day turned out to be everything these two deserved, and we were SO STOKED to be able to be show this Same Day Premiere at the end of the night.