1950s Inspired Al Fresco Garden Wedding
September 24, 2014
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It's no hard task to get lost in these dreamy images from Koman Photography, but after hearing what the lovely photographer had to say about the day, the images take on a whole different meaning. The garden party soiree is romantic as can be, and I absolutely implore you to read the story below, and then revisit every single image - just make sure to grab the tissue box first!
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From Koman Photography... The couple is very very dear to our hearts and we really wanted to capture their day in a way that the pictures would be able to express all the emotions and beauty of the day. We especially wanted this because it is the only way the father of the bride can see his gorgeous daughter as a BRIDE. Although their wedding day was filled with beauty, love and happy moments it also had it's sad moments. On their wedding day the father of the bride had heart problems and had to urgently be hospitalized. The bride was only told 30 minutes before she was supposed to walk down the aisle with her father that he wouldn't be able to make it to her wedding. They were still hoping that somehow he'd be able to come and they didn't want to give her the news until they had to. The bride is blessed with the most amazing family and friends and they were around her all day making sure that she enjoys every moment of her day and continuously reassuring her that her father is going to be okay. Her very sweet mother walked her down the aisle, held her in her arms during the first dance and gave the most emotional speech we have ever heard. During this speech she talked about what her father would say if he were there and how happy they are both for the couple. We are so very blessed to witness these moments and capture them with our camera. The father of the bride is now doing well and the bride and groom have moved in with him to take extra care of him. Their hearts are full of love for each other and we couldn't be happier to see such sweet people sharing a life together! We felt that it was important to share their story with you because it really touched our hearts.

From the Bride... I am an artist and can tend to be a perfectionist when I have a vision of how I want something to look aesthetically, so the biggest thing for me was starting to trust in other people to create my specific vision for me. As the bride, I quickly learned that I was not going to be able to do everything myself, especially the day of. I never knew what to say when I was asked “what is your theme?” I guess our wedding had a vibe. I knew I wanted everyone to dress up, maybe a little more fancy than usual. I pictured this fantastic garden party from another era with tons of twinkly lights, soft yet dramatic elements, organic tablescapes, mixed with 1950′s prom decor? That is how my mind works. The most overwhelming aspect of wedding planning, aside from the saving money, and making decisions part, are the endless options out there! The wiser women in my life kept reminiscing on how there were no options back in the day as to how you executed your wedding. Well, the modern day bride is faced with so many options, it can seriously drive one mad! I had to narrow my likes down and I decided to focus on one big decor element that I knew I could make and afford. That element was the ribbon garland that hung above the dance floor. Andrew and I LOVE to dance and it was imperative that we spent the entire night dancing with friends and family. I wanted to create a magical atmosphere on that dance floor. After I focused on that, everything began to fall into place. I wasn’t afraid to scour craigslist ads, and borrow decor from family friends. Andrew was such a huge help as well. He was constantly in touch with vendors, making decisions with me, and really being present in the entire experience. I absolutely loved our wedding!