Rustic DIY Oakland Wedding
September 22, 2014
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I 100% get why this beautiful Bride said she couldn’t stop smiling and giggling on her wedding day. All it takes is the first minute into the film from Hit Maker Films to see why. And beyond that, there's still plenty more from Jasmine Lee Photography to swoon over. With a rustic, vintage garden party feel, filled to the brim with DIYs, this day was not only graced by the sweetest love, but it was gorgeous to boot.
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From the beautiful Bride… The day was simply magic. I’m not really sure how this all came together, but I’m sure glad it did. After looking at several wedding venues, Joe and I were very happy to choose the Kaiser Roof Garden. I really wanted our wedding to be outdoors, full of green, and private. Kaiser Roof Garden was perfect as it met our most important needs, with me getting a garden and Joe having the city feel still surrounding us.

We were on a tight budget that just kept getting bigger, but I wanted this to be special, truly make it our own by adding our personal touches. To save anywhere, we tried to incorporate as many DIY’s as possible. Fortunately, I’ve always loved crafting, and scrapbooking was something I did with my free time; so the wedding was a perfect opportunity to make use of those skills. Also, I knew I liked the vintage, rustic and garden party look, and the color theme was obvious choices, our favorite colors: pink and green. I turned to Pinterest and wedding blogs for inspiration.

We pretty much designed, printed and trimmed all our invitations, place cards, programs, and favor tags using our personal laptop and printer. The guest and photo booth books were projects I had fun with. We were lucky enough to have friends with these large pine trees in their backyards that needed be cut down as well as the tools to do it. The wood was used to create much of the décor for our wedding; from the arch, centerpieces, table number displays, and branches were even used as part of the aisle. We also spray painted our beer bottles and stained the wooden crates to keep the same look and feel for the entire wedding. All the designs and details flowed together.

Now on to the big day - the best day ever! OMG I was so fluttered while getting ready and literally getting butterflies in my stomach. I knew I was excited and couldn’t wait to marry Joe, but I was getting extremely nervous from the thought of having to walk down the aisle, do my vows and first dance. I’m real shy when it comes to being the center of attention. What eased some of my anxiety was our first look together. I’m so glad we did it. Finally seeing him that day made me so happy because he was feeling just as nervous and we were both in this together. I’m so glad we had that moment together to ourselves. After our first look, walking down the aisle, saying my vows, and doing the first dance was a piece of cake. Actually, I was still a little embarrassed, but I was just so giddy and excited, it helped me feel more relaxed. It was just me and him. Literally, I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling - it was the happiest moment of my life.