Romance in the Redwoods - A Forest Wedding
September 11, 2014
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This is how I imagine a fairy wedding to be – all soaring trees and a canopy of greenery with a gorgeous lace dress by Claire Pettibone plus a mini version for the flower girl and floral crowns galore. It's magical times about a million captured by ANA NYC and the prettiest peonies thrown into the mix courtesy of Alenas Designs. See even more of this wedding among the redwoods right here.
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From The Bride...The inspiration behind the day was romantic elegance joined with the rustic enchantment of nature. The giant redwood trees in the grove create an atmosphere that was both grand and intimate.

The ceremony was held inside a redwood tree circle. This particular circle, according to the property owner, took between 16,000 to 20,000 years to grow. A redwood tree circle is created when an original parent tree dies. It leaves saplings in a small circle around the dead tree. These saplings are too close to get the proper nutrients to grow into full-size trees, so they slowly push themselves outwards until they are far enough apart to reach maturity.

To promise our lives together within such a divine soul of the earth was a humbling and sacred experience. We were captivated by the beauty of the property as a whole- the redwoods, stream, pond and log cabin filled with antiques were all perfection. We felt transformed to another time.

We knew we wanted a romantic, handmade feeling to the wedding. We designed and printed all of the paper goods. We also designed, hand dyed in tea, and screen printed all of the hankies ourselves. We chose family style catering and locally sourced handmade pies to fit the cozy and rustic vibe. Pies were chosen not only because WE LOVE PIE, but also because it means something to us.

For our first date, Cooper came over to my apartment and baked an apple crisp from scratch. A handsome man who can bake!? I was sold. We chose a polaroid guest book, so we could look at everyone's happy, adorable faces as we read their sweet messages and words of wisdom.

Our friends helped create the ceremony backdrop, my sister-in-law helped stamp the envelopes for the birdseed with “R&C,” my sister did my nails, and my bestie and her awesome man took the gorgeous photos and video we will cherish for a lifetime.

I met Cooper nearly four years ago at a bar in the LES in NYC one Saturday night where his gypsy punk rock band was playing. I fell in love with him on stage. Trips to apple orchards and mix CD's followed. We were an electric connection. My love for him grows more with every new moment we share together.

His dedication and love for my daughter is what I cherish more than anything.

It's impossible to choose our favorite moments of the day because honestly, every second was the best moments of our lives, the excitement and joy we both felt was beyond our wildest dreams.

The moment my eyes met his while I walked down the aisle. My daughter being an essential part of the ceremony and the look on her face as Cooper expressed his vows to her. Walking out after the ceremony and crying tears of joy, squeezing each other, and laughing. Being announced as Mr. & Mrs. while paddling into the cocktail hour on a canoe, the sunshine in our faces, watching Cooper smile at me as our closest friends and family all lined the shore cheering us on...

The mariachi band, along with our friends serenading us as we got off the canoe and danced our first dance as husband and wife. It was an overwhelmingly surreal, perfect moment.

My six year old daughter having the courage to say her pre-written speech to us on stage, which she had spent months preparing. Dancing all night with the most amazing people we both know.

From Ana NYC...There's scarcely more you can ask for as a wedding photographer than a sunny warm day, an outdoor setting gleaming with careful details and a gorgeous couple who is not only fiercely in love but who radiates their joy out to the crowd like a lighthouse beacon from the little family they already are.

The cabin that the bride got ready in looked like a professionally prop-styled movie set. Each cool artifact could have been photographed on its own. The care with which the whole property was put together and maintained was a labor of love itself.

I loved every moment of this day and it went by in a whoosh. Part of the bonding experience that the whole guest list shared on this Saturday was that there was no cell service at the venue at all. Everyone by default just tucked away their iPhones to just enjoy. (Or if you're me, put it on Airplane Mode to preserve battery so you can snap photos all night!) I'm not sure I've ever been prouder to submit the artifacts of a wedding. This day was just twinkly and magical!