Laid Back Wedding Love at Sayulita's Villa Amor
September 11, 2014
North America
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When the getting-ready shots include a little dip in a rooftop infinity pool, a few kick-butt yoga moves and cocktails? Well you know what follows is going to be ah-mazing. With Jonas Seaman behind the lens, DIYs made pretty by this fun-loving duo, topped off with a bit of bougainvillea and a whole lotta love, it's easy to get lost in the gorgeously relaxed vibes of this soiree in Sayulita.
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From Jonas Seaman… I shot this really beautiful wedding in Mexico last year. It was such a spectacular day. Hannah & Tim had so many little cool DIY touches that they brought in from the states: boxes of nick-knacks, owl figurines, bird cages, personal photos, and signs for the table settings. It was such a beautiful day all around.

From the beautiful Bride… The tiny surfer town has zero pretense and is super laid back. It also happens to be stunningly beautiful so the wedding decor was built in! We knew that no matter what snafus may or may not occur, people were going to fall in love with the town as much as we did.

Tim has eight musically inclined aunts and uncles who write and perform a song unique to each bride and groom in their family. The one they performed for us was to the tune of a Johnny Cash song, and was one of the most memorable moments of the weekend. Here is a link to the song.

The napkins were easy, affordable, and fun. We went to a local fabric store, bought several different patterns, pinking shears and voila! Instant color. We acquired a random selection of tins and vases from local vintage stores and yard sales which made for the wonderfully eclectic table setting. We had many a wine-fueled gathering with our craftiest friends. Without them, many of the garlands and other details would never have gotten done.

The bride and groom should each pick the one thing that is most important to them. For me, it was photography. For Tim, the music and bar. On everything else, we decided to cut corners. Instead of pricy flower arrangements, we opted for minimal wildflowers.  Instead of a fancy sit down meal, we opted for a buffet which people loved because it was less formal and stuffy. Instead of an unnecessarily expensive cake, we chose to have churros which were delicious!

Instead of spending one evening with your closest friends and family, you get to spend a whole weekend or longer. Guests would run into each other in town, and many new friendships were formed. Our guests came from their hotel after a day at the beach which helped the mood immensely and took the pressure off us to make everything perfect. We found Mexico, and Sayulita and general to be very welcoming and friendly to us. Plus, our wedding day was bookended by so many additional memories!