Alabama Fall Orchard Wedding
September 10, 2014
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When you sit down with this little autumn wedding, you'll realize it's exactly the pretty yet personal approach we preach here on SMP. Held at the Bride's family peach orchard, it's chock-full of meaningful moments - not to mention the Groom's own home brew - and the kind of relaxed-yet-totally-chic day ANY guest would die to attend. Just Crumbs designed the cake, Mary Margaret Smith snapped the goodies and Southern Vibe put it all to film. Dive in here.
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From the Bride... Matt and I have known each other pretty much all of our lives, growing up in the same town where our parents knew each other. I was three years younger than Matt in high school so we didn’t really connect until I graduated from college and he was finishing up his Bachelors Degree. One of my best friends (a bridesmaid) and one of his best friends (a groomsmen) got married a few years back so Matt and I were always the 3rd wheel (or 4th wheels?). We spent a lot of time together as friends for years – until the timing was perfect. I asked him on our 3rd date if he was going to marry me one day. He said yes.

I think it is safe to say that the most unique portion of our wedding day was the fact that I got to have my wedding in a location were no one else had been married, my family’s peach orchard. I had my wedding at home in my back yard where I grew up looking for arrowheads with my dad or fishing with my granddaddy. Matt got to get married at the local fruit stand that his mom took him to when he was a kid. The orchard consists of a pond surrounded by peach and apple trees. We had the ceremony in one set of peach rows, social hour/dancing around the pond, and dinner in another set of peach rows.

Everyone says “Don’t worry about the small details” well I say just the opposite – do worry about the small details! In the end it is all of those small details that come together to make your wedding unique. A lot of the details we decided on weren’t necessarily out of the box original, but we made them unique. We accomplished this by choosing details that were special not only to Matt and I but our families as well. For example, the guestbook on quilt squares has been done before, but my mom is actually going to be the one to put those squares together for us. This turns the guestbook quilt squares into a gift not only from our guest but from my mom as well. Another detail Matt and I were head over heels for were our table numbers, they were listed Table One – Table Twenty. But what made them special to us is that we took the time to sit down and go through song after song from all of our favorite artists and choose lyrics that remind us of each other to put on the table numbers.

One last thing I have to point out about my fairytale orchard wedding is that this wedding was not just about the bride and groom. This wedding was also about celebrating family and friends. Between Matt’s family and mine there haven’t been a lot of weddings. His parents/grandparents and my parents/grandparents all had court house weddings. No dresses or cakes, no suits or birdseed; this wedding was a chance for everyone to celebrate their marriage. And everyone treated it that way; we were surrounded by people doing things for Matt and I even when we didn’t ask. We had zero upsets the entire day. I found it relaxing and he had fun. The whole night was magical and romantic, it was so romantic. I think everyone there fell in love all over again. Matt and I were very blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of people; we have families that feel like friends and friends that feel like family. You really could not ask for anything more. At the end of the night it was rewarding to hear our guests gush over and over about how perfect this wedding was. And they were right, it was perfect.