Sweet Backyard Wedding in Austin, Texas
September 3, 2014
This must have been the most lovely day. Simple yet incredibly sweet, every gorgeous image from J. Bird Photography paints the picture of a simply perfect day. A day filled with so much love you know this couple and their guests will never stop talking about every magical moment, and you can see why here.
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From J. Bird Photography...This wedding is probably one of my favorites to date with a precious couple, simple but gorgeous details, and a custom made wedding dress that was designed by the bride herself.

From The Bride...The inspiration behind our wedding came from a focus on things I have always loved and to keep things simple and natural. Our hope was to have a pretty day that centered around the celebration of our marriage and a great party with our friends and family, but no sweat over tons of details! Ryan and I love to be outside so having an outdoor ceremony was a no brainer. My parents backyard has always been a peaceful place to me and I couldn’t imagine anything sweeter than having the ceremony there. It is also located very close to a beautiful field that I spent much of life walking through to get to my favorite pool (Barton Springs) and stopping to enjoy the green and the trees with my sister as we grew up and have now shared it with Ryan. We just love it and that is where we took the pictures after the ceremony. My dad built the alter at our wedding which was so special and my friend Kortni (our florist) covered it with simple greenery and flowers. Potted flowers and herbs are some of my favorite things and I included those throughout the decor as well— and now they adorn our front porch! The reception was located at the Palm Door which I have always admired for it’s blank white wooden walls and wood floors. I already had a bunch of old vases and metal tins that we used for the flowers along with a few we borrowed from friends and family. My florist (Kortni) is a good friend of mine and we had so much fun dreaming up whites and greens and simple arrangements— the kind you might find on your kitchen table after going to the grocery store, nothing too over the top, but still simple and sweet. I love how light and airy the flowers were as well as the tiny greenery Kortni hung from the rafters— so perfect!

As for the dress and grooms attire, we had the same kind of theme. I didn’t want anything too fancy, but I still wanted it to feel wedding-like. Ryan wore a grey suit and his groomsmen wore different combinations of vests, ties, greys, navies, etc. We liked the casual look and it corresponded well with our bridesmaids attire. I told my bridesmaids they could pick whatever color dress they wanted as long as it was a soft color an they all ended up in pale pinks! Which turned out great— they all looked beautiful! I had my dress made by a talented lady here in Austin. I’ve always been the kind of person that has a picture in their head and can’t ever find it in real life, so I told her what I wanted and she executed it beautifully! I had gotten a dress at a garage sale and had fallen in love with the neckline so that’s where we started— the rest was in my head. I also liked the idea of having an off-white but not a ivory off-white so we went with a hint of dove-grey and a white lace bodice.