Ethereal Seaside Ireland Inspiration Shoot
August 28, 2014
As a person that doesn't like to be further than walking distance to the ocean at all times, this stunning seaside shoot beautifully styled by Pearl & Godiva and captured by Alexander James is basically my idea of perfection. Ethereal and elegant, every single detail sitting in this gallery makes my heart sing, and you can soak it all up here.
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From Pearl & Godiva...This is one of my personal favourites and I am so excited to be able to share it with you. We do hope you love it as much as us. As this was such a divine project to work on.

Well I stood before the ocean in the middle of the night
And because I loved her so I asked her then if she would be my wife.
And then I closed my eyes and waited, and listened for an answer
Until she kissed my feet and whispered, â??I could not give you my hand sir.â??
~ Declan O'Rourke - Marrying the Sea (Til Death Do Us Part)

The Sea is our mistress, living, breathing, an eminent omnipresent wonder, a mother, the bringer of life. For an island nation like ours, the Sea is as elemental as the air, inescapable in it's power and beauty.

Softly tickling the stoney shore, creating music of tumbling periwinkles, caressing the long golden strands, her touch nurtures. Her fury is as beautiful as it is tempestuous, her strength barrages against soaring cliffs, carving out caves and sea stacks, even ancient forts that are folded into her embrace.

With its winds, whirlpools, rip tides, shell adorned rocks, and caves, we have found our muse. Working with Alexander James, we shot on a deserted beach in the wilds of West Cork as the clouds rolled in off the Atlantic. From time to time those clouds separated and our Lady of the Sea was bathed with golden light. It was like she applauded the story we were telling.