Romantic Maravilla Gardens Wedding
August 25, 2014
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Darlings, we're staring the week off right. Everything about this sunny Maravilla Gardens soiree from Hazelnut Photography is sooo right. It's a combination that I've come to call my very own dream wedding. Floral-robed 'maids turned blush beauties, ivory bouquets dotted with peach from The Little Branch, signage galore and so much more. This stunner will surely brighten your Monday morn!
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From Hazelnut PhotographyTwo people couldn’t be more in sync with one another. It seems they’ve been following each other for most of their lives. Now, they are next to one another, standing side by side, as they take on this new life adventure together! Michelle & Bryan went to rival high schools in Southern California, but didn't meet until they both ended up at Penn for college. They've been together since their freshman year and finally tied the knot on Saturday!

These two, Michelle & Bryan, are so absolutely perfect for each other. Their wedding day will go down as one of my favorites, because it was so genuine. It seemed to be a perfect representation of them, as individuals and as a couple. They have a beautiful respect for one another, an immense love for their families and true admiration for their friends. It was an incredible day, full of love and laughter and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the two of them!