Charming DIY Garden Wedding
August 23, 2014
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Close your eyes and imagine the loveliest garden wedding you've ever come across. Now open up and be prepared for even more, because these charming California nuptials are just THAT pretty. Designed with a nod to the couple's love of cooking (read: herb-infused olive oil favors) it's classic romance with a personal spin and we've got the whole gallery from Onelove Photography.
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From the Bride... We both love being in the kitchen, so we wanted to incorporate our love of food and cooking into our wedding. After much discussion, we came up with the idea of infused olive oil with different herbs and spices that have special meaning. We had rosemary for faithfulness, love and remembrance; thyme for courage; sage for strength, chili to "spice things up", and garlic just because we love it!

We also had a lot of help from my little sister. One of the things I was set on was to hand address all of the invites, my handwriting however, is not the prettiest. She ended up doing all the calligraphy and the artwork on the invites, the name cards, the bar menu, the seating chart window, and the welcome window. She did an amazing job!

For us the most important thing was that our family and friends had a good time. We knew it would be a memorable night for us, but we also wanted it to be a memorable night for everyone else. As important as flowers and decor were, we also wanted it to be fun, that's where the photobooth and the glow sticks came in.

If you're going to DIY as much of your wedding as you can, START EARLY. The biggest thing was that we didn't realize how long these projects would take us. The marquee lights that we made took us over a period of 3 weeks, granted we only worked on them during the weekend, it was still 2 weeks longer than we had estimated. Otherwise, have fun and don't focus on little things that can't be changed.

For us, the highlight was seeing all of our friends and family out on the dance floor having the time of their lives. Both our parents and his grandparents adorned with glowsticks dancing and taking pictures in the photobooth. Knowing that people still talk about our wedding and how much fun they had means the world to us.