Boho Chic Backyard Wedding in Salt Lake City
August 22, 2014
WhimsicalParkReligious Institution
Ok, I honestly don't even know where to start with this wedding. I mean where can you possibly begin when there are the cutest llamas ever in attendance and an amazing Tory Burch gown involved? Every moment is quirky and personal in the best possible way. It's all too good to be true, but yet you know it is, making this couple and their amazing wedding totally rad. See it all here. 
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From Brooke Stapleton Photography...Hannah and Cameron met while she was working at a hot dog stand and have been deeply in love ever since. They felt like their love story is a bit out of the ordinary and wanted their wedding to celebrate the abnormal and the quirky, giggly lovefest that is so, unmistakably theirs. Set in the backyard of a charming pink Salt Lake City home, their day included street tacos, badminton, croquet, and llamas. The bride wore a Tory Burch gown and held a bouquet with florals native to Columbia, where her brother currently lives. The reception was a laid-back party with loud music, loved ones, and lots of hugging and squeezing. Every detail of the wedding was so well-thought out and charming + so very THEM.