Oregon Coast Pacific Wonderland Inspiration at Hobbit Trail in Yachats, OR
August 20, 2014
United States
I had the pleasure of visiting Oregon for my very first time last year, and I must admit, it left quite an impression. It's one seriously stunning state, so I am not surprised that it has a tendency to inspire shoots like this beauty from Cat Dossett Of I Take PhotosEvent Crush and Anastasia Floral Design, LLC. It's woodland whimsy meets rugged coastline, and the result is breathtaking.
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From Anastasia Floral Design, LLC...One of the best trivia tidbits about Oregon is that the entire coastline is public land. As it turns out, parts of it are pretty magical. Cat chose our location and set the direction for this shoot to be inspired by it. The Hobbit Trail is a little off the beaten path, but all the locals know where to find it. Winding through the lush coastal rainforest, the short trail leads you through a literal tunnel of trees and lets out onto an isolated little stretch of beach that's home to all sorts of caves ready to be explored. It's just a really quintessential image of Oregon.

Playing off that, we set our palette as teal and red to stand out from all the foliage and brought in some shiny gold and glittery bits too. We turned the forest into a cathedral for our couple with big dramatic swaths of fabric. The spring flowers were inspired by the forest ferns and featured Japanese ranunculus along with some locally sourced treats like the anemones, columbine, and roses. Cat is pretty much the queen of DIY--she actually made the incredible dress our model rocked all day and rigged the suspended pallet table for our sweethearts. Becky of Event Crush styled the day to perfection and tied everything together.

It wouldn't be very Oregon without a little rain, and one of my favorite things is that you can see the droplets on some of our details. I hope you all enjoy checking it out as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life! 

From Cat Dossett of I Take Photos...From my first visit that I had at Hobbit Beach, I knew that I wanted to make something magical to fit the location. The soft, draping moss and twisted branches, hiding the shoreline created a romantic escape. I wanted the bride to evoke a waterfall in the woods, mimicking the hanging tree branches and made her dress to flow like water and catch the beach breeze like a sail. It was amazing how quickly and easily things seem to come together with the people that I worked with. Anastasia created elegant arrangements and Becky brought the vision to life in a way I didn’t think possible. Every part of the team did such incredible work; even my models who stuck through the cold rain and wind.