Elegant + Modern California Ranch Wedding
August 20, 2014
United States
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When I see the words "ranch wedding" there's a certain image that comes to mind. And while we love our rustic weddings dearly, this bride did it on her own terms...without a mason jar or speck of burlap in sight. She opted for modern black and white stripes with pops of gold, and along with the help of Vanessa NoelSweet Memories and Anna Delores embodies what the SMP wedding is all about.
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From Vanessa Noel Events... Ariana and Taylor's wedding was one filled with tribute--to their families, their heritages, and to their faith. Ariana's father, like so many in California's Central Valley, is a farmer. Ariana grew up on a dairy in the middle of hundreds of acres of almond trees so it only made sense that she and Taylor would get married in her hometown church with a reception on a ranch. But Ariana didn't want the details that we've come to expect from a ranch wedding--no burlap, lace or chippy paint here. Ariana wanted a classic, elegant style that she knew she'd love for years to come.

We put together a palette of black and white, with lots of gold touches and beautiful, lush greenery to bring in the perfect nod to Taylor's Irish roots and the March wedding date. Crisp black and white stripes brought sophistication to the decor while flowing garlands added soft romance and just the right touch of "country."

Specialty linens, all-white lounge furniture, and an escort card display of mirrors brought glamor to the rustic venue. The tulips in the centerpieces, the stroopwafel (wafer cookie) favors, and the horse and buggy were all tributes to Ariana's Dutch heritage. In fact, Ariana's parents rode on the very same horse and buggy (owned by a local Dutch family) when they were married over 20 years ago!