Pop Art Wedding Inspiration
August 19, 2014
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I'm all about breaking the "mold" and when it comes in the form of one absurdly cool shoot from Magnificent Milestones, you better believe things are about to get good. Inspired by the '60's Pop Art movement and translated into a wedding setup  - not to mention the most amazing floral backdrop by Dilly Lily - the gallery from Amanda Hein is modern bride's heaven on earth.
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From Magnificent Milestones...One of the most familiar representations of Americana and the party decade of the 1960s, the Pop Art Movement also acted as inspiration for this colorful shoot. From bold, saturated colors and fonts to cheeky floral portraits of the bride and groom, the details came together to create a party as lively as the couple it celebrates. This perfectly executed shoot, captured by Amanda Hein Photography, drew on the spirit of sheer joy and vibrancy that can be found in Pop Art and in celebrations of love everywhere.

The crisp, clean venue of Chez-Chicago, new to the city of Chicago, added contemporary glamour to the festive details and provided an elegant backdrop to the amped-up color palette of the décor.

Invitations, menus, and other punchy paper pieces created by Magnificent Milestones used multiple Pop Art elements, from geometric designs and patterns to ultra-Mod fonts. Splashes of lively pinks, oranges, yellows, and reds reflected the energetic soul central to Pop Art. Even Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans made an appearance, acting as labels for veggie chips as colorful as their surroundings!

The expertly selected floral arrangements, done by Dilly Lily/Christine Noelle Design, were a kaleidoscopic vision of hot pinks, sunny yellows, and vivid tangerines. The floral mosaics of the couple drew on the work of Roy Lichtenstein—another respected Pop Art personality. Renowned for his comic strip-inspired paintings, Lichtenstein used large dots in bold colors in the same technique used to print graphic novels and cartoons. These playful portraits added an ultra-personal touch while keeping with the lighthearted theme.

The floral centerpieces and the bright white tables from Tablescapes were a match made in heaven. The crisp, clean surroundings were reflected flawlessly in the simple, bright white furniture, creating a stunning contemporary canvas for the Pop Art-inspired details.

This play between contemporary flair and Pop Art playfulness was further repeated in the fabulous fare from Entertaining Company—from the vibrant, fresh green color of the chimichurri and triangular shapes of the New Zealand baby lamb chops, to the bold circles found in the Round Crabcake and the Layered Vegetable Tian with heirloom tomatoes, to the vibrant Blood Orange Martini. We absolutely loved the application of geometric shapes and bright colors found throughout the shoot!