Colorful Classic North Carolina Wedding
August 19, 2014
United States
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M'dears, this is what happens when traditional elegance meets modern whimsy. Designed by Leigh Pearce Weddings, this Southern soiree is brimming with color, most notably in the cheerful florals from Amy Lynne Originals. And the reception? It's a casual elegance like no other with crisp linens from La Tavola, gilded pretties here and there and candlelight sprinkled throughout. Anna Paschal made sure no detail went un-captured and you can see them all right here!
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From the beautiful Bride... Once we got engaged, Andrew (my now husband!) and I discovered that we had two very different visions of how we wanted our wedding to look. Andrew wanted formal and traditional and I wanted informal and unique. However, we both agreed on how we wanted our wedding to feel: fun, joyful, and celebratory. We wanted our guests to experience our joy and love. We wanted them to feel comfortable enough to let loose, dance and enjoy each moment of the ceremony and reception.

With the help of our wedding planner Leigh Pearce, we found a beautiful middle ground in the design of our wedding. Everything came together in a way that represented both of our personalities. For the ceremony we were able to combine the traditional feel of Phillips Chapel with the lively colors in the flowers and bridesmaids dresses. The reception was held at Revolution Mills, an old renovated cotton mill. This location gave the reception the unique touch that I was looking for with the industrial elements of the building while still providing Andrew with the classic look of the rich dark wood and exposed brick that ran throughout the venue.

Of course, it was the décor that truly melded our styles together. Soft whites, pinks and mints were punctuated with golden yellows, bold pinks, and sumptuous teals. Milk glass and gold vases, soft patterned linens, and candlelight made the tables feel luxurious, timeless, and airy. Prior to the wedding everyone warned me to enjoy my food tasting because that would be the last time I’d get to taste my wedding food. WRONG. I was actually able to sit down at my wedding and eat our delicious dinner of elevated southern comfort food!

Then came the dancing! One of the many reasons that I chose Revolution Mills was for the dance floor. Many previous brides who had enjoyed their receptions at this venue opted for a dance floor upstairs with the dining area. However, there was a beautiful downstairs area that was framed in by the large double staircases. I loved the idea of having something different than any other wedding I had ever been to. We decided to make that downstairs area our dance floor and string Edison bulbs across the banisters making a canopy over us as we danced the night away. It was a brilliant idea! I loved being able to see our guests surrounding us as they stood on the bannisters to watch our first dance.

I’m sure that I’m forgetting a million important details as I’m describing one of the most beautiful days of my life. However, what really stands out to me when I think of my wedding is how the day felt. I remember taking a moment to pause during dinner to look around the room. All I saw were smiling, laughing faces. The room felt relaxed and full of joy! I was sitting next to my amazing husband and surrounded by people who loved us very much. While the entire event seems like somewhat of a blur, I will always remember that feeling. That feeling of being unbelievably blessed, loved, and grateful for it all.