DIY Gold Heart Arrows + Rustic Whimsical Wedding Inspiration
August 18, 2014
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This rustic-whimsy infusion from Studio Finch is literally packed with pretty. The gems from Artifact Vintage bring a slightly boho touch, Pollen's florals are crawling with a wild beauty and the playful cake from Lovely Bake Shop is the slice of sweetness to balance out the unrefined backdrop. Feast your eyes on the gallery and take a peek below for Revelry Creative's fabulous gold heart arrows!
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From Studio Finch Photography… Gold, Arrow infused with antlers and whimsical florals bejeweled with antique turquoise jewelry was the inspiration for this rustic styled shoot in Chicago. We wanted to emphasize a woman's strength and pair it with a soft whimsey and rustic elements paired with gold. The whimsical tulle dress contrasts beautifully with the strong curves of the antlers and the golden arrows. Turquoise added the pop of color along with the pinks and blushes in the florals. Allie Hasson provided amazing watercolor invitations to be paired with Artifact Vintage's amazing collection of antique bridal jewelry. Rustic, Whimsical and Timeless. Project Runway's Kate Pankoke of Elaya Vaughn paired the shoot with a beautiful tulle wedding gown.

A Signature Cocktail was inspired by the forging roots of Ginger, provided by the Chicago Distiller Koval and the Ice for the Signature Cocktail was Provided by Just Ice, INC. We wanted to keep the shoot as Chicago as possible with local vendors. Signature Cocktail: Ginger Root Citrus Wagon, 1 Part Koval Bourbon Whiskey, 1 Part Koval Ginger Liquor, Large Square Ice Cube, Fill with San Pellegrino Sparkling Lemon Citrus Soda. Add Rosemary for an aromatic garnish.


Fine Paper
Kabob sticks
Heart Template
Hot Glue
Gold Spray Paint


step-1Take the heart template and cut out 6 hearts for each arrow. You will need 4 hearts for the fletching portion (back) of the arrow and 2 hearts for the broadhead (front).

step-2Spray kabob sticks with the spray paint.

step-3Take 2 heart cutouts for the head of the arrow and glue them together with the kabob in between

step-4Take the 4 heart cutouts and fold them each in half, they will be glued together at 90 degrees

step-5Once the glue has dried, slip the 4 glued fletchings through the back part of the kabob

step-6Trim the fletchings as you with, we used a fringe technique to mimic feathers.

step-7Viola! DIY arrow bunch. The arrows paired with the eucalyptus and strung hearts, all became tied together with the gold dotted antlers spanning the table. A nod to The Hunger Games.