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August 16, 2014
Tri State
My tried and true advice to newly engaged couples? Invest in photography. Not just any photography, but top quality, drool-worthy, emotion-evoking photography that'll capture your wedding day in the loveliest way possible. *Enter* Twah Dougherty who fits the bills to a perfect T. As a former fashion designer, she brings an understanding of editorial style to her work and beautifully documents those moments you'll treasure for a lifetime.
From Twah Dougherty... My boutique photography business, Twah Dougherty, is based in New York but with a heart that’s ready to travel the world at a moment’s notice. As a former NYC Fashion Designer, I take my knowledge of style and weave it into my photography approach. I use the editorial look of a fashion spread to create the portrait session and place a heavy emphasis on photojournalism when I capture the moments.

When I document a wedding, I focus on finding the story behind each couple. My ultimate goal is to give you images that last a lifetime, images that are authentic, candid, raw and simply beautiful. Stellar service and a memorable experience from start to finish are just as important as the beautiful images that I will create for you.

I believe…
- Your entire wedding day should not be spent in long posed formal photo sessions.
- Personal details are an integral part of your day’s story.
- Wedding images should be timeless yet stylishly current and natural.
- Making the most of a rainy day, imperfection or a mishap usually ends up being the best memory to look back on.
- Beauty is within. Positivity radiates. Authenticity is perfection.
- Love conquers all!

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