Romantic Pastel Military Wedding
August 14, 2014
Tri State
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Y'all know we go weak at the knees for a good military wedding, but when it happens to include a stunning blush palette, bouquets by Karma Flowers and was all planned in just four months? Well, that's cause for celebration. The amazing Michelle Lange captured the day to perfection, and you can get the pin-party started in the gallery right here.
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From the Bride... Stephen and I met about seven years ago in high school. It started out as a little friendly chat online, until eventually meeting in person. Sounds strange I know, but it ended up working out. For about a year, Stephen and I were friends, and ended up building a best friends type of friendship. We were both with other people at the time, so a friendship was all we needed from each other. As time went on and we separated from our past significant others, the stars aligned and we started dating. It’s been history ever since.

We survived the early college days, and it was when Stephen was a sophomore at Rutgers University that he decided to become an Officer in the Marine Corps. This meant 2 summers away for 6 weeks at a time with limited communication, and no visitation. As hard as it was then, looking back on it, six weeks seems like a piece of cake. After he graduated, Stephen commissioned as an Officer, and a year later went off to The Basic School Training in Quantico Virginia for six months. After that came Combat Engineer School in North Carolina. We soon learned how challenging a long distance relationship could be, as well as how strengthening it can be for a relationship.

Stephen and I traveled to Long Beach Island, New Jersey one day at the end of September. Stephen was home for the weekend, and LBI was a really special place for the both of us, but especially Stephen. It was where he grew up going every summer with his family. LBI was a second home for him, and I was able to experience the love for the island over the summers of us dating. We enjoyed some favorite pizza of ours, and then hit the beach for some shell searching. We walked and talked, and found some shells, and eventually it was time to leave. I turned around, and received a big kiss from Stephen, would turned into him getting down on one knee. Stephen proposed on the beach in front of his beach house rental, the same place we had gone every summer. There was no one around, it was just the two of us. But at the moment, no one else mattered. The man I loved so much asked me to marry him, and be to by his side forever. It was romantic, personal, and filled with so much love, just like every proposal should be. I have the honor every day of wearing the family diamond in my engagement ring.

Stephen was in training, and I was in my last semester of undergrad. But a wedding had to be planned. I had always dreamt of a not so cookie cutter wedding. I didn’t want “wedding factory” venue, as I like to call them. I wanted something with character, something that was different. With a few bumps in the road, and a really short amount of time, along with some luck, we chose Lake Mohawk Golf Club as our wedding venue. We decided from the start a church wedding would be important, and Saint Matthews The Apostle Parish was a perfect fit. Venue and church, check. Now photographer, flowers, cake, dress, and everything else needed to be done.

People say that the photographer and flowers are the two most expensive things you will pay for in a wedding, aside from the venue. I knew exactly what I wanted when looking for a photographer. I couldn’t explain what kind of style I wanted when people asked, but I knew it when I saw it. I searched through about twenty different photographers who obviously didn’t work out for a reason. Then, I found Michelle Lange. I found her through accidentally finding her blog. I saw her photos and said out loud “I need this photographer.” Much to my luck, Michelle was local, and was available.

Planning a wedding was so fun and exciting, but there were moments when it was extremely difficult. There were tears, lots of them to be exact, brought along with frustrations, worries, and the list goes on. Now, lets not forget to mention we planned this wedding in about four and a half months. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my parents, Stephen, and the bridesmaids.

Our wedding was perfect. I am sure every bride says that, but it was the perfect wedding for us. I had my best friends by my side, and the most important people watch two people solidify their love through the ceremony of Marriage. And we had a pretty kick ass reception too. It was so amazing to see everything we planned come together. When you’re planning, everything is a visual in your head. But the day of, it’s right in front of you. Its such an amazing feeling that all your hard work really paid off, and it turned out to be exactly what you envisioned.

Some have asked what my favorite part of my wedding day was, and I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. Yes, officially being able to call Stephen my husband that day was pretty fantastic, but the whole day was my favorite. I got to be a bride, and I had the greatest Groom by my side. The most important people surrounded us that day in our lives, people who only wanted love and happiness and nothing but the best for us. There is no better feeling than that.