Whimsical Styled Shoot in Ontario at The Doctor's House
August 12, 2014
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Vibrant, bright and filled with happy details - this shoot from Heppily Ever After WeddingsRomance Flowers and Sandy Tam is an instant mood lifter. Just try to take a look at this gallery and not smile, I'd say it's basically impossible. See for yourself here.
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From Heppily Ever After Weddings...When thinking about weddings, all too often we turn to the long flowing lines that reflect our most memorable fairy tale dream. Centre pieces showering guests with candlelit flowers, tastefully rolled napkins coupled with ornate rings all bringing life to the circular table where guests enjoy an evening of celebration. Why do we still turn to the past? I have always loved fairy tale weddings. Marriage is about two people coming together. Two people, who may be soul mates, coming from different molds, backgrounds and cultures. When coming up with a vision for this styled shoot, Sandy (Sandy Tam Photography) and I envisioned marrying the modern with the traditional. We were inspired by the more modern three dimensional geometric style where flowing lines would be replaced by strong angles. Where the traditional color palette would be replaced by very bold colors, including wild orchid (Pantone’s 2014 color of the year) and yellow. Where better to show this vision than a classic, very traditional venue, The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg, Ontario. Our vision, geometric shapes and patterns, was captured perfectly by Sandy. Her love for natural lighting was fulfilled in this beautiful floor to ceiling window-filled room.

The beautiful bridal gown was provided by none other than the talented Ines Di Santos. The criss-cross pattern on the dress lent itself very nicely to the geometric theme of the day, making it an unparalleled addition to the shoot.

Betty, from Bridal Secretary, truly reflected the beauty of the dress in her hair and make-up creation. By integrating the floral inspiration into her hair accessories, she was able to counter the strong lines of the geometric patterns by introducing soft waves in her hair and an angelic glow in the makeup that complemented the vision wonderfully.

The simple but bold cake was provided by Anna from Ginger’s Cupcakes and Desserts. The simple white cake was contrasted by the boldness of the wild orchid and yellow geometric shapes. The bold shapes of the cake were easily reflected in the cookie bar where guests were offered a selection of their childhood favorites. When thinking of cookies, nothing complements a cookie better than a glass, or in this case a shooter, of white or chocolate milk. Merging flowers into a strong geometric vision was accomplished by Romance Flowers. She infused softness by adding a floral chandelier which very graciously complemented the square table-scape. Michelle, from Romance Flowers, also added green grass spheres for a whimsical touch.

I love incorporating personal touches wherever I can in a wedding. It makes it more unique and catered to the couple. I demonstrated my passion for this by making each of the geometric solid boxes for the thank you favors as well the wall-art showcased behind the cookie bar. Finding little do-it-yourself projects is the most effective way of adding that personal touch.

The styled shoot came together beautifully and we couldn’t have imagined working with a better team. Reflecting on the geometric theme of the shoot, the solid lines, the contrasting colors and the patterns evident throughout the décor, it is easy to see how merging modern with classic has a place in todays’ weddings. Here is to marriages of all shapes and sizes!