Newlywed Breakfast in Bed with Macy's
August 11, 2014
Surprising your honey with breakfast in bed is such a fun + romantic way to celebrate your new title as an engaged couple — and it's the perfect excuse to use all those gifts that have started arriving from your registry! So to keep up with our Registry to Reality series, we've teamed up with Macy's to put together the perfect morning treat using all the fabulous tools and appliances you'll want for a fully stocked newlywed kitchen. Here we go!
Now that you've marked the calendar for your romantic rendezvous, we're sharing some of our favorite recipes to whip for your perfect breakfast! And that's not all, we've also got a few tips to make your romantic morning the best.one.ever.

1. Choose the best time: Be sure to plan on a day with a with a light schedule where you can really relax. Don’t wake them up too early (big no-no!) or wait so long that they’re starving and itching to get the day started!

2. Wow with presentation: Decorate your tray with some lovely linen napkins, like these Chilewich Solid Linen Napkins, and add fresh flowers in a kate spade new york Castle Peak Bud Vase to really make the breakfast feel special. And be sure to use your prettiest plates — we can't get enough of the Lenox Simply Fine Chirp Round 4-Piece Place Setting which is perfect for everyday and special occasions! Garnish with fruit or herbs so it feels like you're serving breakfast in a five-star hotel and not your bedroom.

3. Pour all liquids only ¾ of the way to prevent spills: This may seem obvious, but I've made this mistake before! Make lids for liquids using saran wrap and a rubber band (just like hotel room service!)

4. Keep it a surprise: Prep as much as you can ahead of time — chop veggies, squeeze juice and bake muffins the night before. In the morning, tuck a towel along the crack of the bedroom door so coffee and bacon scents don’t waft through — hey, being sneaky can be fun sometimes!

5. Add thoughtful touches: Bring up your honey's favorite newspaper or magazine or a handmade card tucked into the tray to make the gesture even more heartfelt!

6. Pamper them with a complete relaxing experience: Set the tray aside when you bring it up so you can fluff pillows and make them comfy. Enjoy your morning together with a glass of champagne served in a beautiful Waterford Lismore Nouveau Fluteor give them the gift of quiet time to eat. After breakfast, set up a bubble bath for your spouse while you handle cleanup!  Romance is in the air!
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There you have it, SMPers! A guide to the most fabulous surprise that will keep your honey on their toes. There is so much more Registry to Reality inspiration on our Pinterest board, so be sure to take a peek over there! Now go forth and make breakfast in bed! xo


Photography: Keith Morrison

Macy's Products from Photo shoot: Tray: Chilewich Manhattan Tray | Vase: kate spade new york Bud Vase, Castle Peak Collection | Plates, Bowl + Coffee Cup: Lenox Simply Fine Chirp Round 4-Piece Place Setting | Flatware: Marchesa by Lenox Flatware 18/10, Imperial Caviar Gold Collection | Coffeemaker: Krups KM740D50, Definitive Series Stainless Steel Coffee Maker | Smoothie Glass: Villeroy & Boch Drinkware, American Bar Straight Bourbon Highball Glasses | Napkin: Chilewich Solid Linen Napkin | Quilt: Hotel Collection Modern Deco Accessories | Shams: Hotel Collection 800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Standard Sham