Downtown Toronto Restaurant Wedding at Boehmer
August 6, 2014
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Ok, time out. Before we dive into this wedding, I feel like I need to quickly say I am obsessed with it. Obsessed. And really, you will be too once you take a look at the super chic pics snapped up by A Brit & A Blonde. I mean, come on. Those shoes? That venue? This couple? It's all so beyond, and there are so many more cool pictures of these two here.
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From A Brit & A Blonde...Andrea and Ian live in downtown Toronto. They had their wedding at a tres cool, tres awesome restaurant called Boehmer on one of the city's funnest streets Ossington. Andrea adores fashion and now works in that world too - so it is no surprise that she chose probably the coolest shoes in the world for her big day. A pair of truly unique, super rad Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. He is a British shoe designer that makes beyond rad shoes that are quite jaw dropping. Andrea's certainly fit the bill! Her beautiful Elizabeth Fillmore dress was a perfect match for those amazing heels. She got ready at their condo - which was great since her atelier is right there too full of her fashion inspiration and made for a great backdrop.

Their wedding was on the eve of the first day of Fall. The lovely florals mixed in with fruits had a real harvest feel and were perfect for a September wedding.

Andrea & Ian had a feeling that it might rain on their big day - so they came prepared and bought some really super fun umbrellas. These ended up coming in extremely handy when it did rain when we were set to do the photos of the wedding party. The umbrellas really saved the day and they looked fantastic. Which allowed Mother Nature not to rain on Andrea & Ian's parade.

Here is a bit more from Andrea & Ian.....We were originally looking to have a wedding out in the country, but couldn't find a location we loved. We went out for dinner at Boehmer, and it instantly clicked for us. We completely shifted gears and went for a city wedding. We loved the food, the ambience, and the wooden chandelier. It was an intimate and relaxing environment, but still cool enough to be unique and sophisticated. It just seemed to fit.

Definitely the ceremony was our favorite moment of our big day. It really set the tone for the rest of the wedding. We were so happy that we decided to have our wedding at a restaurant. The staff at Boehmer were awesome. They were incredibly attentive to both us and our guests. Everyone raved about the food. We also loved the music. We had a saxophone player walking around the restaurant during dinner, and that was pretty cool. We also loved the fact that we did our photos before the ceremony, which meant we could spend cocktail hour with our guests.