Colorful Boho DIY Wedding
August 5, 2014
United States
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To be totally honest, this bright boho wedding is a BIG breath of fresh air. It's what happens when you've got a fearless bride with incredible vision, and DIY skills that could make Martha Stewart's jaw drop. From the tissue paper backdrop to bold printed table runners, it's mix-and-match patterns done oh-so-right and believe it or not we're just getting started. Tucker Images' snapped the gallery with a whole lot more.
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From Tucker Images... From our first meeting Savannah described her wedding as indescribable. All she knew is that it was going to be different, full of texture and COLORFUL! And boy, was it. Every detail from the amazing florals by Raquel with RLove Floral, to the handmade tissue paper backdrop for their ceremony nestled in the trees to each and every table runner DIY'ed by the bride and her mom was exploding with vibrance.

We loved the way she allowed her bridesmaids to choose their own dresses to express their personal style and the way that the clean look of the groomsmen in black suits tied it all in together. Savannah also did all of the calligraphy on each invitation and collected various bottles and jars that would let the amazing floral arrangements sing.

All of that aside, however, the most beautiful part of the day was when Nick saw his bride walking down the aisle. He's a pretty cool guy, holds it together for the most part all the time until that moment. He was moved to tears then to a smile and then a giggle then more tears. It was perfect and we are so excited with how the images turned out.
Vendor Credits
Wedding Cake, Tissue Paper Backdrop, Table Runners, Calligraphy, Feather
Renaissance Bakery